Increase efficiency and compliance by consolidating your business processes and spend approvals in one system.

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As your company grows, compliance and security requirements become more stringent. To enforce compliance, different business groups, like IT security and legal, must be involved in the purchasing process, making approval workflows more complex.

Airbase makes it easy for your teams to collaborate on spend requests and approvals in one system — helping you enforce compliance, save time, and reduce manual work.

Benefits of Airbase Workflow Builder:

Drive internal efficiencies by consolidating all business processes and spend approvals in one system — eliminating the need for separate tools and manual work.

Reduce risk by capturing all spend information up front — giving you a complete audit trail to help you track approvals and validate spend decisions.

Empower employees to spend with confidence while remaining compliant and automatically loop in the right stakeholders.

How it works:

Workflow Builder makes it easy to capture all spend information required by IT, legal, finance, and other business groups — helping you ensure compliance and efficiency across your organization.

  1. Customize your spend request forms using custom fields like attachments, URLs, text, multiple choice, date, and more to capture the information you need and reflect your company’s approval workflow.
  2. Build new sections in your forms and create custom rules that define the preset conditions for which the section will automatically appear for the spend requester.
  3. Create advanced approval policies to ensure the necessary business groups, like legal or IT security, are pulled in to review and collaborate on the spend request when required.
  4. View and approve all spend information in one place and capture a complete audit trail with every transaction.

Use case example:

Enforce an IT security audit for all software-related spend requests from new vendors. This may include capturing information like the number of licenses needed, a link to the vendor’s security page, where the tool will be hosted, and whether the tool will be replacing an existing one.

You may also want to add callout messages that guide employees and collect attachments like SOC2 reports.

Screenshot of workflow builder use case example

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