Visibility and control, real-time reporting, and automated accounting solutions.

build great companies with Airbase.

  • Build a healthy spend culture — empower employees and hold them accountable. Eliminate wasted spend.
  • Get real-time data capture and reporting for better decision making.
  • Implement levers of control to make budget course corrections quickly and easily.
  • Ensure operational efficiency with a positive ROI that supports growth.
Michael Zheng, Head of Finance at Affinity
Airbase has shifted the conversation around spend. What used to be a post-expenditure discussion is now a collaborative planning conversation.
Michael Zheng
Head of Finance at Affinity
Trusted by finance teams at all stages

Automated request and approval workflows
keep teams productive.

Virtual cards — flexible, convenient.

Airbase spend management includes request and approve workflows.

Consistent, easily requested approvals for spending configured to reflect your company’s policies. Whether employees need to pay with a PO, a corporate card, or a simple invoiced payment, the same request/approval flows are captured and maintained in a single system.

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Configure with spend policies.

AIrbase spend management lets you configure approvals with your company's spend policies.

Configure Airbase to reflect your policies for employee spending, including how many approvals are required for different amounts and types. When policies are baked into approval workflows, your company can move quickly while ensuring compliance. Transparency helps support a healthy spend culture.

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Airbase spend management consolidates all payment types onto one platform.

All payment types — cards, ACH, checks — supported.

One platform to transform AP. Consolidate all payment types onto one platform — corporate cards, checks, and ACH — for efficient payment execution. Our bill payments module provides all the features of your legacy system, and much, much more.

Our cards have features that provide visibility and control, and allow teams to move fast without wasted spend.

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Real-time means continuous accounting.

Airbase spend management helps you move toward a continuous close.

Looking at historical data isn’t the most effective for making decisions today about your future. Real-time data for all non-payroll spending (including card spend), with easy, automatic syncing to your GL, means that reporting is an up-to-date view of your company’s financial condition.

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Airbase spend management lets you adjust spending approvals to make budget adjustments.

Levers of control to adjust to the business environment.

Actually implementing interim changes to the budget can be difficult. With Airbase, changes to plans for spending can be easily implemented. With a few clicks, adjust approval policies for the whole company, just one department, or with one vendor. Whether you’re accelerating into an opportunity, or paring back to manage risk, getting teams to adjust behavior on-the-fly is essential.

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Get control, visibility, and cashback.

Improve spend controls.

Use spend requests and approvals to ensure that company expenses are pre-approved before employees make card purchases.

Greater transparency.  

Visibility into what is being spent any day of the month helps make important business decisions.

Greater efficiency.        

A consolidated platform for all spend, combined with powerful accounting automation, creates operational efficiencies so you can scale your business.

A positive ROI.                

Our customers experience a positive ROI from moving payments to cards, and eliminating the need for expense management and bill payment software.

Lisa Slater, VP of Finance at EKO Health
“I don’t know how my team could have kept up with spend management in a situation with Expensify and Brex. Airbase has allowed us to scale in a way that would have been very challenging without it.”
Lisa Slater
VP of Finance at EKO Health

The 4 pillars of spend management.

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