build great companies with Airbase.

Get real-time data capture and reporting for better decision-making.
Implement levers of control to make budget course corrections quickly and easily.
Ensure operational efficiency with a solution to scale with your company, providing a faster close and a positive ROI.
Build a healthy spend culture — empower employees and hold them accountable. Eliminate wasted spend.

Trusted by finance teams at all stages.

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Reduce time-to-close with automation.


Virtual cards — flexible, convenient.

Consistent, easily requested approvals for spending, configured to reflect your company’s policies. Whether employees need to pay with a PO, a corporate card, or a simple invoiced payment, the same request/approval flows are captured and maintained in a single system.


Configure with spend policies.

Configure Airbase to reflect your policies for employee spending, including how many approvals are required for different amounts and types. When policies are baked into approval workflows, your company can move quickly while ensuring compliance. Transparency helps support a healthy spend culture.

All payment types — cards, ACH, checks — supported.

One platform to transform AP. Consolidate all payment types onto one platform — corporate cards, checks, ACH, international payments, and vendor credits — for efficient payment execution. Our bill payments product provides all the features of your legacy system, and much, much more. Our cards have features that provide visibility and control, and allow teams to move fast without wasted spend.

Real-time means continuous accounting.

Get the real-time data for all non-payroll spending that you need to make business decisions. With easy, automatic syncing to your GL, your books will be kept current for a faster close and an up-to-date view of your company’s financial condition.

Levers of control to adjust to the business environment.

Implement interim budget changes easily with Airbase. Adjust approval policies for the whole company, just one department, or with one vendor, and rest assured that the system will enforce the change. Whether you’re accelerating into an opportunity, or paring back to manage risk, get the tools you need to be responsive.

Get control, visibility, and cash back.

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Improve spend controls.

Use spend requests and approvals to ensure that company expenses are pre-approved before employees make card purchases.
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Greater transparency.

Visibility into what is being spent any day of the month helps inform important business decisions.
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Greater efficiency.

A consolidated platform for all spend, combined with powerful accounting automation, creates operational efficiencies so you can scale your business.
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A positive ROI.

Our customers experience a positive ROI from moving payments to cards, and eliminating the need for expense management and bill payment software.
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“Airbase has been a foundational part of our software stack. When I hire a new full-time person, I know Airbase will help [the new hire] spend less time closing the books and more time on strategic and analytical work.”
Amir Ali, Head of Strategic Finance at Netlify

Learn how to build your company with Airbase’s spend management platform.