Easily manage and gain visibility into global company spend across all subsidiaries and countries — in one consolidated spend management platform.

As your business grows, you need to manage company spend across the entire company, including all subsidiaries and countries. The problem is that many scaling companies with multiple entities rely on disparate solutions or manual processes that don’t provide global visibility or consistent controls.

Airbase brings all of the workflows for spending company money across subsidiaries into one system, with automated booking and reporting of transactions at the parent and subsidiary levels.

Benefits of Airbase multi-subsidiary support:

Gain global visibility and control of your spending across all domestic and international subsidiaries — for USD and international spend. 
Drive internal efficiencies by managing your global business with uniform spend policies and consistent controls across your organization.
Speed time-to-close by eliminating manual work, reconciliations and error fixing.
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How it works: 

Multi-subsidiary support makes it easy and efficient to manage company spend across subsidiaries and countries.

  1. Create multiple subsidiaries in a single Airbase instance, link each to a corresponding bank account, and connect subsidiaries to the GL. 
  2. Assign a default subsidiary to each Airbase User and Airbase will automatically assign the cards, bill payments, and reimbursement transactions to the right subsidiary in the GL. 
  3. Make payments from the associated subsidiary’s bank account. Cards, bill payments, and employee expense reimbursements can be associated with your subsidiary-specific bank account. 
  4. View real-time reporting by subsidiary or consolidated across all subsidiaries and automatically sync transactions to the correct subsidiary in NetSuite.

For subsidiaries outside the US:

Cards, bill payments, and employee expense reimbursements can be requested, created and approved by any employee irrespective of their location or currency of spend. However, please note the following differences from domestic subsidiaries:

  • Visa branded cards issued against the international entity can be used for card payments in any country. These cards would be denominated in USD. Customers can fund their international entity card wallets by sending a wire transfer from their bank account.
  • If the bank account associated with an international subsidiary is located outside the US, bills and reimbursements have to be paid directly from the bank account, and then marked as “Paid outside Airbase.” Airbase will take care of keeping the GL updated and make entries against the right subsidiary.
  • Get full multi-currency support across all major workflows.

Use case example: 

View real-time spend by individual subsidiary or consolidated at the company level by easily selecting one or more subsidiaries.

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We implemented Airbase multi-subsidiary support in less than a week, and couldn’t be more excited to eliminate all our manual and time-consuming processes around subsidiaries spend management.
Lara McGregor

Controller, M1 Finance

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