Spend management on the go.

The Airbase mobile app brings streamlined spend management to the palm of your hand.

Approve, execute, and track spending on your mobile device.

Airbase mobile app



Manage employee spending on the go.

With the Airbase app for iOS or Android, administrators and managers can:

  • Track real-time spend and balance for physical cards.
  • Approve or deny expense requests and bill payments anytime, anywhere.
  • Let the Airbase app capture receipts at the point of purchase and prompt employees to add any missing receipts.
Mobile Spend Airbase
Screenshot of how receipt scan into Airbase

Scan a receipt and let Airbase take it from there.

With the Airbase app for iOS or Android, employees can:

  • Eliminate the need to sort through and submit receipts — submitting proof of payment is as easy as taking a photo of a receipt. The app will even prompt you to do so at the time of a purchase.
  • Categorize expenses as they are processed to streamline the accounting process.
  • Scan a receipt, and Airbase will auto-populate your expense report with AI-powered OCR technology and generative AI.

Payments with added peace of mind.

Airbase’s customizable Corporate Cards can be activated on the app and then added to your Google Pay or Apple Pay digital wallet. Digital wallets provide increased security because card details aren’t shared with the merchant. As a contactless payment method, they’re safer, and you’ll still have your Airbase card’s real-time visibility and controls.

Airbase fraud detection

Faster fraud detection.

Fraudulent card activity doesn’t only happen during business hours when you’re at your desk.

With the Airbase app for iOS or Android, you can:

  • Receive alerts regarding suspicious activity right away.
  • Verify immediately if a charge was fraudulent or not.
  • Easily lock a card that has been compromised, without the need for multiple phone calls.
Michael Zheng Affinity
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Airbase was intuitive and easy to learn. Virtual cards were great from an operations and execution point of view. They fit perfectly into a day-to-day process and offered insight and visibility in real time.

Michael Zheng
Head of Finance at Affinity

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