Slack integration

Communicate in Slack, move fast, stay compliant.

Modern companies rely on Slack for rapid-fire communication. Keep teams moving by responding to requests for spending right in Slack.
Slack integration with Airbase



You can do the following Airbase tasks in Slack:

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Admins may approve, decline, or archive spend requests.

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Users get a status update on whether a subscription is approved or declined.
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Users receive a notification if a card is declined by a vendor.
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Approvers can ask clarifying questions and get a response about a request.

Slack integration.

Whether you’re on the road, working as remote teams, or two desks away from your manager, getting approvals for spend has never been easier. When a request is submitted, the “approver” is notified in Slack that a request has been made. The approver can accept or reject the request, add an approver, ask questions, and view comments — all from inside Slack. Keep your teams operating easily and efficiently.

slack integration

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