Slack integration

Communicate in Slack, move fast, stay compliant.

airbase + slack

Modern companies rely on Slack for rapid-fire communication. Keep teams moving by responding to requests for spending right in Slack.

Trusted by finance teams at all stages.

You can do the following Airbase tasks in Slack:

  • Admins may approve, decline, or archive spend requests.
  • Users get a status update on whether a subscription is approved or declined.
  • Users receive a notification if a card is declined by a vendor.
  • Approvers can ask clarifying questions and get a response about a request.
Airbase accounting automation syncs all transactions to the GL.

Slack integration.

Whether you’re on the road, working as remote teams, or two desks away from your manager, getting approvals for spend has never been easier. When a request is submitted, the “approver” is notified in Slack that a request has been made. The approver can accept or reject the request, add an approver, ask questions, and view comments — all from inside Slack. Keep your teams operating easily and efficiently.

Our users love the new Airbase Slack integration.

It makes life easier.

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