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Trusted by finance teams at all stages

Control every dollar from request and approval to payment and reconciliation

Request and approve spend

Give every expense an owner with a spend request and approval process that won’t slow down the team.

Pay vendors

Pay bills and run your payment card program from the same system to simplify the accounting process for finance.

Automate accounting

Categorize transactions and post them to the GL as they happen to achieve real-time reconciliation.

Make bill payments easy, safe, and secure

Capture invoices, send checks, initiate ACH payments, and reconcile with your accounting software all in one place.

Issue physical and virtual corporate cards

Use physical cards for T&E spend and issue vendor-specific virtual cards for everything else.

Reimburse your employees for out-of-pocket expenses.

Eliminate the need for expense reporting. Reimbursement requests are routed to designated approvers. AP makes payment directly to employee’s bank account.

Real-time spend reporting

View spend by department, employee, team, or vendor in real-time. See company spend as it happens.

The one solution for all company spend

Airbase combines pre-approvals, virtual cards, corporate cards, bill payments, and accounting automation into a single system that can manage your entire AP process.

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Finance teams love us

“The team’s really happy now that they don’t have to submit monthly expense reports, especially for recurring expenses. Now they can pay for something and stop worrying about it.”
Michael Zheng
Head of Finance at Affinity
Michael Zheng
“Compared to all of the other accounting tools we use, Airbase is the easiest to use hands down.”
JD Higginbotham
Controller at Ridecell
JD Higginbotham
Of all the financial tools I’d used, Airbase quickly became the one I liked most because it just worked. The UI is clean and intuitive—that’s something you just don’t see in financial software.
Amer Ali
Head of Strategic Finance and Business Operations at Netlify
Amer Ali
“We’re reporting on expenses without expense reports. My team is thrilled and our cardholders couldn’t be happier.”
David Coffman
VP of Finance at Doximity
David Coffman
"Having Airbase is like having extra accounting staff. I’ve been doing accounting for a long time and I’m amazed at how much my small team can get done with Airbase."
Diana Ngo
Director of Finance at YourMechanic
Diana Ngo

Interview series: Path to Becoming a CFO

The Airbase “Path to Becoming a CFO” monthly interview series will feature the top CFOs, board members and executive recruiters from the Bay Area.

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