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Spend Management Platform

Spend Management Platform

Advanced User Management.

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Advanced User Management.

Automate employee life cycle management by connecting to your HRIS. Because optimizing your tech stack shouldn’t add to your workload.

Managing users is painful enough when dealing with a single system, even more so across multiple tools. Updating user details gets to be unwieldy as headcount increases, and ensuring proper deprovisioning when employees leave can be a security concern.

Airbase solves these problems.

With advanced user management from Airbase, it’s simple to automate user provisioning and deprovisioning to get around that messy manual process. Sync employee details into Airbase from Okta, Rippling, BambooHR, or Gusto.

Benefits of Airbase advanced user management:

Quick onboarding. Integrate Airbase into your AP processes quickly by syncing users from your HR or cyber security software, avoiding the need to add users one-by-one.

Simple deprovisioning. Manage the life cycle of employees without overburdening your administrator, allowing them to be more productive.

Reduced errors and mitigated risk. Ensure employees are deprovisioned automatically, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Advanced User Management.

How it works: 

Airbase integrates with your existing software to ensure user management is always simple.

3 easy steps to set up advanced user management:

  1. Set up your employees in your SSO or HRIS system, then sync it to Airbase.
  2. Import detailed employee profiles into Airbase, where corresponding user profiles are created and given a unique Airbase role.
  3. Automatically provision and deprovision employees.

Use case example:

Sales representatives are onboarded to the Airbase platform by syncing it to Okta. When one 
is promoted to sales manager, changes to their role and manager in Okta are reflected in the corresponding Airbase user profile.

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