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Spend Management Platform

Spend Management Platform

Bill Payments.

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Bill Payments.

AP automation that delights your team. Choose our bill payments product on its own or as part of our comprehensive spend management platform.

Legacy bill payment systems require unnecessary manual work and are disconnected from other payment solutions for corporate cards and employee reimbursements. This results in time-consuming reconciliations, delays the month-end close process, and makes real-time reporting across your non-payroll spend virtually impossible.

Airbase’s first-of-its-kind spend management platform solves these problems.

Bill payments from Airbase has the functionality you expect from a best-of-breed AP automation system. Use it as a stand-alone product or as part of our complete platform solution to handle all non-payroll spend. Either way, your accounts payable team will thank you.

Benefits of Airbase bill payments:

Save time by simplifying bill creation from invoices with OCR technology, scheduling domestic or international bill payments, and automatically amortizing bills to your GL.

Earn income on your expenditures with the option to pay bills using virtual cards with cash back.

Collaborate better with vendors using our portal — whether they are already part of our comprehensive database, or they need to be painlessly added — and enable them to input payment information, upload contracts and tax documents, and track payments.

Bill Payments.

Popular features:

Simple and powerful bill payments and vendor management
Smart invoice ingestion via dedicated invoice inbox & OCR
Payment scheduling
Domestic & international payment support
Multiple payment types: ACH, check, vendor credits, virtual cards with cash back, international wire transfer
Yatin Mody, Head of Finance, Postman
Yatin Mody
Head of Finance, Postman
We used to go through three different systems to pay a bill. Now our bill payments go through Airbase. Once we approve, the system handles the rest. It makes the process a lot easier and more efficient.

How it works: 

  1. Quickly convert an invoice into a bill using a specialized and unique email inbox for gathering invoices and documentation — or upload a PDF. Easily match purchase orders to invoices and edit bill details directly.
  2. Review bill details as a built-in part of your approval workflow using Slack, desktop, mobile, or email to comment on, edit, and approve or deny bills.
  3. Sync transaction details to the GL, regardless of the payment method, either at bill creation or bill approval.

Use case example:

An emailed invoice is converted into a bill within Airbase, attaching all relevant documentation. It’s then paid, either via ACH or via virtual card to earn cash back.

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Yatin Mody, Head of Finance at Postman