NetSuite General Ledger Integration

NetSuite & Airbase: combining the benefits of both platforms.

airbase + Oracle NetSuite

Airbase’s deep integration with NetSuite provides access to its many important tools from within the Airbase system. Two powerful accounting software platforms working together to streamline your operations.

Trusted by finance teams at all stages.

Reduce time-to-close with automation.

Airbase accounting automation lets you set the rules for accounts and tags.

Sync Airbase transactions automatically to NetSuite. Set up accounting rules and Airbase auto-populates the appropriate GL accounts for each transaction for your review, and then easily syncs to NetSuite.

Airbase accounting automation lets you set rules for virtual and physical card transactions.

Update your NetSuite GL daily or weekly to keep your books up to date with all non-payroll spend. Track and manage budgets easily.

Amortizations via NetSuite.

Sync amortized payments to the GL.

Airbase integrates with the native NetSuite amortization feature, so you can leverage a broad range of amortization schedules and structures from their library. When you have more complex schedules to support, select the NetSuite template that meets your needs and let Airbase take it from there.

Product screenshot displaying the custom fields you can configure within Airbase.

Bring any NetSuite field into Airbase.

Using NetSuite’s product URL feature, share product details with approvers, IT, or procurement teams.

Select fields that you wish to have access to from within Airbase for a seamless user experience.

Automate reimbursement and virtual card sync to your GL.

Product screenshot displaying the virtual card sync to your GL within Airbase.

Airbase auto-populates the appropriate GL accounts for all virtual card transactions. For reimbursements, as transactions get approved, Airbase automatically syncs them to your NetSuite GL and keeps an audit trail of all the supporting documentation. Accounting teams can rest easy that the GL will be accurate and current.

Product screenshot displaying the subsidiary info within Airbase.

Multi-subsidiary & multi-currency support.

Handle all spend regardless of where in the world your employees are operating. Apply subsidiary rules to spending and get reporting at the subsidiary level for all non-payroll spend. Gain visibility and control for every transaction for all of your legal entities, both domestic and abroad.

Move faster, improve accuracy, eliminate manual coding when your AP system talks directly to your GL.

Say goodbye to
expense reports.

Collect receipts and make an entry in NetSuite as soon as a transaction occurs.

Automate your

Create rules to automatically assign tags and categories to entries, and automate your amortization entries by selecting your NetSuite templates directly within Airbase.

Sync transactions
in real time.

Sync spend requests and payment data to NetSuite as they happen.

David Coffman, VP Finance at Doximity
“I love how Airbase categorizes and pushes transactions directly into NetSuite with departments and classes automatically. The sync is rock-solid and makes my team much more efficient.”
David Coffman
VP of Finance at Doximity

Airbase and NetSuite integration: much more than automatic reconciliation.

  • Control spend with up-front approval workflows and an audit trail of compliance.
  • Choose NetSuite features you’d like to bring into Airbase, like NetSuite amortization schedules.
  • Process your bill payments, card payments, and reimbursements from one platform. Automatically capture and record all transaction details.
  • Track vendors, and view payment status as soon as each transaction occurs.
  • Get real-time spend reports to stay within budget.

Experience the seamless and powerful NetSuite integration with Airbase.

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