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“This forum is so beneficial just to hear what others are doing and picking up tidbits of knowledge.”


“I’m in a local CFO council and there is zero collaboration like we have here.”


“Thank you very much for organizing such a wonderful Slackgroup!”

— VP of Finance

“You guys have done a phenomenal job in creating a community.”

— VP of Finance

“Off the Ledger is great — I’m in another CFO Network slack and it can’t hold a candle to this one!”
— VP of Finance

“This group is great and super helpful.”

— Senior Director FP&A

“This is a great initiative!”
(re: our 1:1 networking program)

— Director FP&A

“I wish we had something like this when I started out my finance career for the past 13 years, will save me a lot of endless hours researching and finding someone who would know the answers.”

— Controller

“Love this slack group, it was much needed. Great resource.”

— Controller

“I love to talk shop and this seems to be a solid group of like-minded professionals.”

— Finance Operations

“Love the collaboration, thank you for this amazing community.”
— Finance and Accounting Manager

“’I’ve only been on here for a week and gaining a lot of insights already!”

— Global Controller

“This forum is awesome, thanks for creating and moderating.”

— FP&A Manager

Off the Ledger Slack Group for finance and procurement.

Community guidelines.

Community guidelines.

Be professional & courteous.

Treat other members with respect and help each other. It’s “accrual” (get it?) world out there. Speak to others the way you’d like them to speak to you. Help us keep OtL as accessible and inclusive as possible.

No sales allowed.

Please do not use the group to advertise, solicit sales, or perform customer research. This includes public and private channels as well as direct messages. Please report any questionable activity to an OtL admin (like Darragh).

Keep it Off the Ledger.

The group is a safe space for finance leaders to gather and have candid discussions about work. Please keep conversations private and do not share discussions outside of the group.

Introduce yourself.

Set your display name to First Name Last Name ( For example Bill Gates (, and say hi to the group in #1-introductions!


This is your community. Ask and answer questions, engage in conversation, be helpful to other members, and show your appreciation when they are helpful to you. Try to post conversations to the right channel so that they can be more easily discovered by others.

Share your experience.

This community is a place for finance professionals to gather and help one another. Make the most of it for your purposes and invite others that you know to apply to join. Please participate and make the group even better for everyone. You can recommend a friend or colleague join the group by sending them this application.

Ask for help.

Facing a challenging problem at work, or just looking for recommendations? Ask the group! Your comments and concerns are more likely to be seen if you post to specific channels. All things CARES Act in #caresactdiscussion, vendor and software questions in #vendors-and-software, financial planning and analysis in #fp-and-a, and all other queries in #general.