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  • Quickly and easily make the purchases they need.
  • Know that their spending is compliant with company policies.
  • Never, ever have to fill out and submit an expense report again.  
  • Easily submit for reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses and get repaid fast.
  • Benefit from consistent routines whether seeking reimbursement for
    personal funds use, or requesting spend using a virtual card or PO.
  • Pay with virtual cards cuz they’re cool.
Natasha Singh, Senior Director Marketing at Doximity
I wish we had found Airbase earlier because it’s made my life so much easier.
Natasha Singh
Senior Director Marketing at Doximity
Trusted by finance teams at all stages

Easily make purchases without having to file an expense report.

Airbase spend management gives employees easy access to request approval for spend.

Request an approval to spend money and the system will send it to the appropriate approvers.

Set up a virtual card, use a physical card, or request a PO from one single unified platform.

Attach receipts with an easy upload, and if the receipt is not digital, simply take a photo and upload.

Once you have made your purchase, and uploaded the receipt, you’ll never have to think about it again, it’s in the system.

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The ease of virtual cards.

After receiving approval(s), create a virtual card for a specific vendor for recurring expenses, like a ride-share company, or software subscription, with just a few key strokes.

Or, create a virtual card for a one-time payment, and once you attach the receipt, you’ll never have to think about it again.

Set expiration dates to prompt periodic review of recurring charges to ensure that you still want the product or service.

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Get approvals without slowing down.

Airbase spend management allows employees to request and for managers to approve spend directly in Slack.

Your requests to make a purchase go to your manager, and whoever else your policy requires them to, via email, Slack, or mobile app, for fast turnaround of their approval.

Use the Airbase mobile app to request and make purchases on the go.

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Consistent approval workflows for reimbursements.

Airbase accounting automation syncs all transactions to the GL.

Occasionally employees need to use personal funds to make purchases. With Airbase reimbursements, the employee submits the expense using the same system used for all other expense requests. The request is routed to the appropriate approver(s) per your company’s policies. Slack and email notifications are sent for ease of rapid communication.

Reimbursement policies can be set in the system, for example, mandatory fields for a request, time window within which reimbursements need to be submitted and any budgets for reimbursements.

Provide clarity to your employees by flagging or blocking an expense that is not allowable before it moves through the system.

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Get control, visibility, and cashback.

Easy request process.

Know that all of your purchases have been approved before you make them. Your request will be automatically routed to the appropriate approver(s) via email and Slack, so you won’t be slowed down.

Use virtual cards for recurring charges.

Set an expiration date on your virtual card so that you don’t keep getting charged for services you no longer use.

Simple receipt and document upload.

Receipt upload is easy, whether taking a picture of a physical receipt or attaching a digital one. Attach other documentation to the transaction so that all records are easy to locate.

Employee expense reimbursements.

Easily request approval for and reimbursements of out-of-pocket expenses. Get paid faster.

Lisa Slater, VP of Finance at EKO Health
“Our employees love Airbase. Now that we’re able to give everyone virtual cards or physical cards with set value limits, nobody has to pay for expenses out-of-pocket or fill out cumbersome reports. That’s been a big win in terms of employee satisfaction.”
Lisa Slater
VP of Finance at EKO Health

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