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The best way to manage spend.

From opening a request to closing the books.

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Control, visibility, and compliance for all non-payroll spend.

Platform efficiency with a suite of best-in-breed modules.


Guided Procurement

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable Automation


Expense Management


Corporate Cards

Get more spend under management.

Give all stakeholders an easy way to influence all spend up front so that risks are managed and costs are controlled.

Stakeholders Oversight Responsibility
Employees compliance with purchase and expense policies
Procurement pricing and vendor selection
Budget owners resource allocation
InfoSec software security and compatibility oversight
Legal contract terms and legal protections
FP&A spend pipeline/planning

Maximize spend under management with the full Airbase platform for all types of spend and all payment methods.

Route all requests to stakeholders in their business systems or directly in Airbase.

Route all requests to stakeholders in their 
business systems or directly in Airbase.
Who we solve it for

One-stop shop for all spend.

Employees use one consistent platform for all types of spend. Raising a purchase order, using virtual cards, or getting reimbursed for out of pocket expenses.

Choose a platform for all spend — big, small — with cards, via invoices, or as reimbursements.

Consistency + Ease of use Compliance.

Give every employee anywhere in the world a consistent, easy, intuitive user experience. This means greater adoption and therefore greater compliance.

Take the confusion out of compliance and sleep better knowing that your controls are doing their job.

Screenshot of Airbase's Guided Procurement

Get all spend under management and improve your bottom line.

Control your spend — control your destiny.

Real dollar savings accrue — including price optimizations (early and volume discounts) with faster, better approvals and oversight. Cut wasted spend that includes rogue spend (unnecessary or unwanted), inefficient spend (using a high cost provider), or zombie spend (charges that continue to be paid even if a service is no longer being used).

Control vendor and employee fraud with software that makes everyone more productive and keeps them happy. Add to this, revenue from an interface that helps you optimize cash back, and the impact on your bottom line is meaningful.

Automation saves time and improves accuracy.

Time savings are felt across the entire organization and typically cut your time-to-close in half.

Save time on expense reporting, accounting entries, reconciliations, documentation, coding transactions, and more. All while getting accurate numbers for your single source of truth.

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Who we solve it for

Collaborative, end-to-end company purchasing.

Pull all purchasing into Airbase and connect it to your related processes with native integrations. Let the system guide every employee and enforce compliance. Make global payments to vendors and employees, benefit from no-touch invoice processing, automate accounting entries, and sync to the GL.

Procure, pay, close with ease.

Platform Capabilities

A procure-to-pay platform that supports all of your needs.


Airbase fits perfectly in your financial tech stack.

US & Foreign

Secure connections with your bank accounts.


Keep your single source of truth current with regular syncing.


Automatic provision and deprovisioning plus SSO keeps payables safe.


From flight booking to GL entry, easily process travel expenses.


Fast and easy communication using systems like Slack, Jira, and Asana.


Airbase, or SVB card choices to give greater flexibility.


Connect Airbase to other software that your teams rely on.

The beauty of a fully automated platform solution.

Full visibility into all non-payroll spend.

Consolidate intake, AP automation, expense management, and corporate cards. Get all spend under management.

Reduce processing costs and optimize AP for cash back.

Get no-touch invoice processing, easily make payments by check, ACH, card, international wire, or vendor credits.

Consistently ensure and record compliance.

Collect all required information and documentation from requester and let the system route to all stakeholders.

Improve procurement metrics.

Track spend under management, cashback optimization, approval efficiency, and more.

A single repository for all documentation and full audit trail.

A full audit trail for every transaction that includes all approvals, documentation, vendor and transaction details.

Free up valuable time and eliminate errors.

Automate approvals, bill creation, categorization, payment scheduling, accruals, amortizations, reconciliations, and more.

Faster close and real-time data for better decision-making.

Easily sync all non-payroll spend directly to the GL with the lowest sync error rate in the market.

A healthy spend culture and better budget management.

Give all stakeholders transparency with visibility and control before, during, and after any purchase occurs.

Designed to scale.

Our packages provide you with the features and functionality you need today with options to add as you grow in size and complexity.

See how Airbase can transform your entire purchasing process.

Take a tour of Airbase.

See the top-ranked spend management solution in action with an interactive, click-through product tour.
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The Definitive Guide to Spend Management

A deep dive into spend management, how it works, and the benefits that it offers.
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We’ve got your back every step of the way.

Our deep commitment to your success is part of Airbase’s DNA. In fact, it’s an obsession.

From onboarding to ongoing questions about features and processes, you’ll get the human touch from our team of experts when you want it, backed by comprehensive self-serve help whenever you need it.

The reviews of bona fide customers say it best and reflect our dedication to solving your problems as quickly and pleasantly as possible. Check out G2, SuiteApp, and Capterra reviews to see for yourself the consistent high praise Airbase receives for customer service.

Our customer support is highly prized for its responsiveness, expertise, and availability.

Route all requests to stakeholders in their 
business systems or directly in Airbase.

Stop uncontrolled spend, reduce financial risk, and save time and money.

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