The best way to manage spend.

From opening a request to closing the books.

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Unmatched visibility and control.

#1 spend management platform.


Guided Procurement

An automated intake process keeps everyone on track. Ensure compliance, visibility, and control with no-code routing. Integrate spend into multi-stakeholder business systems.

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Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable Automation

From simple bill pay to complex purchase orders, amortizations, and multi-subsidiary support. An AP solution that yields dividends.

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Expense Management

Take the grind out of expense reporting and reimbursements with a user experience that employees love.

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Corporate Cards

A versatile card program secures pre-approvals and flows purchase details from swipe or share to your general ledger.

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Replace a messy tech stack.

Airbase replaces a complicated process, messy financial stack, and manual workflows with a single, easy-to-use automated spend management platform. Save money on unnecessary subscriptions. Handle the full life cycle of all spend with ease.

The problem we solve.
Who we solve it for

Get full transparency.

When all spend is managed from a single platform, and all data is captured in real time, the full picture is always in view. Give every stakeholder easy access to the information they need to manage risk and support productivity.

Create a positive spend culture.

Ensure compliance without confusion. Keep teams moving and on budget without time-consuming back and forth. Eliminate the friction with consistent workflows for all spend, anywhere in the world, and in most currencies.

How we solve it better than anyone else

Designed to scale.

Our packages provide you with the features and functionality you need today with options to add as you grow in size and complexity.

See how Airbase can transform your entire purchasing process.

The beauty of a fully automated platform solution.

Consistent visibility into all non-payroll spend.

How we do it

Consolidate card spend, traditional AP, and expense reimbursements.

Reduces processing costs and lets AP optimize for cash back.

How we do it

One command and control center to make payments by check, ACH, card, international wire, or vendor credits.

Ensures and records compliance automatically.

How we do it

Collect and route required information and documentation to all stakeholders.

Automatically route requests to appropriate approver(s).

How we do it

Consistent workflows for all employees anywhere in the world to request spending, whether on a card, raising a PO, or seeking reimbursement.

Documentation easily retrievable for audits or other needs.

How we do it

Automatically form an audit trail for every transaction.

Free up valuable time and eliminate errors.

How we do it

Automatic bill creation, categorization, payment scheduling, accruals, amortizations, reconciliations, and more.

Faster close and real-time data for better decision-making.

How we do it

All non-payroll spend syncs directly to the GL.

A healthy spend culture and better budget management.

How we do it

Visibility and control before, during, and after any spending occurs.


The Definitive Guide to Spend Management

A deep dive into spend management, how it works, and the benefits that it offers.

Cover of the Definitive Guide to Spend Management
Finance & accounting Slack group.


Finance & accounting Slack group.

Airbase supports an active and growing community on Slack called Off the Ledger. It’s a protected no-sales zone and a great forum for asking questions, providing insights, and posting jobs to a group of vetted finance pros.

Guided Procurement, Accounts Payable Automation, Expense Management, and Corporate Cards available on one system.

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