Ironclad integration

Connect Ironclad to your procurement workflows.

Your legal team can review, approve, or deny purchase requests in Ironclad. Airbase syncs all information between the two systems for a seamless user experience for all. Keep everyone happy and working efficiently in the tools they know and use every day.

Ironclad integration



Involve legal in procurement smoothly and seamlessly.

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Your legal team can track, document, give feedback, and approve purchase requests right in Ironclad.

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Easily configure workflows with no-code tools to route spend requests to Ironclad for review and approval when specific conditions are met.

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Once information is reviewed, the approval status and signed documents are automatically synced back into Airbase.

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Eliminate confusion and compliance leakage, and fulfill stakeholder requirements in Ironclad.

Integrate to collaborate.

Our Ironclad integration is simple to set up. Our onboarding specialists can help ensure it’s quickly configured for your needs.

Airbase uses the API tokens to access the data below associated with purchase requests submitted on Airbase:

Workflow schemas


User APIs


Trigger an Ironclad workflow with Guided Procurement.