Sage Intacct General Ledger Integration

Sage Intacct and Airbase integrate to automate your bookkeeping.

airbase + sage intacct

There’s no need to spend hours manually coding and syncing transactions. With Airbase, you can automatically categorize, approve, and sync transactions in Sage Intacct.

Trusted by finance teams at all stages.

Reduce time-to-close with automation.

Airbase accounting automation lets you set the rules for accounts and tags.
Airbase accounting automation lets you set rules for virtual and physical card transactions.

Move faster, improve accuracy, eliminate manual coding when your AP system talks directly to your GL.

Say goodbye to expense reports.

Collect receipts automatically and make an entry in Intacct each time a corporate card transaction occurs.

Automate your bookkeeping.

Create rules to automatically assign tags and categories to entries.

Sync transactions in real time.

Sync spend requests and payment data to Intacct with one click.

Amortize payments without a spreadsheet.

Automatically generate a schedule for entries. Edit the schedule and you’re good to go.

Airbase and Intacct integration: much more than automatic reconciliation.

Airbase streamlines approval workflows, corporate cards, bill payments, accounting automation, and reporting on one platform.
  • Control spend before it happens.
  • Track vendors and subscribers with ease.
  • Process your card and bill payments from one platform.
  • Track spend owners, vendors, and view payment status as soon as each transaction occurs.
  • Get real-time spend reports and stay within budget.
“I can set coding rules when I’m approving an expense to automatically reconcile it with the GL. It’s a system that allows one person to address the manual work of three.”
Michael Zheng
Head of Finance at Affinity

Experience seamless integration between Airbase and Intacct.

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