Airbase Integrations

Beautifully integrated procure-to-pay software.

Employee spending touches people, processes, and systems across your organization. That’s why Airbase connects with them all — including your bank account, credit cards, security, communication and business software, HRIS, and your ERP.

Airbase integration includes your bank account, credit cards, security, communication and business software, HRIS, and ERP.



Airbase integrates with 70+ ERPs.

3 ways to connect to your ERP.

Fully managed

Airbase has broad and deep integration with a set of leading ERP systems.

Easily configure and share data seamlessly. See below for more details on our managed integrations.

ERP Integration API.

Our ERP Integration API enables your team or an Airbase-certified implementation partner to develop a full-featured integration with your ERP.

Our comprehensive documentation and technical support help ensure a smooth integration.

Enhanced file

If a flat-file method is preferred, our team will work with you to configure a customized data export integration with your ERP.

Oracle NetSuite integrates with Airbase

Benefits of a fully managed integration.

Get the best of our procure-to-pay platform and improve the ROI on your ERP investment with a fully managed integration.

NetSuite users will realize the combined value of international and domestic multi-subsidiary capabilities, custom segments, custom fields, and amortization schedules pulled from NetSuite for use in Airbase.

Other fully managed GL integrations.

Airbase handles the syncing of all spending data to your GL.

Sage Intacct

Customized integration through API or enhanced file exchange integrations.

Let us guide you to develop or configure an integration to your ERP.

Sage x3
Financial Force

Connected procurement workflows.

Airbase integrates with the systems that legal, IT security, and procurement teams use to track, document, and approve new purchases. Requests trigger a task to review the transaction in the corresponding software used by stakeholders. Those teams can approve from within their existing solution.

Our API provides a pathway to integrate into other software in your tech stack.

… more coming soon!

Integrate to collaborate.

Automated flows put every employee on the path to compliance.

Card integrations.

Take advantage of your existing credit line and card program with integrations with select partners.

Silicon Valley Bank.

Enhance the value of your Silicon Valley Bank cards when you integrate them with Airbase’s #1 procure-to-pay software. Get pre-approvals for all card spend with transaction details flowing to your ERP.

Screenshot of TravelPerk integration

Travel management integrations.

Airbase’s one-click integration with TravelPerk, the top-rated travel platform with the largest travel inventory in the world, makes booking and accounting for travel hassle-free for everyone.

Employees can easily book and expense travel with rules that follow your company’s pre-set travel and expense policies. Travel receipts and expenses are automatically synced to Airbase and transactions are seamlessly synced to your GL.

Finance teams and budget owners can control travel cost limits and policies so that employees aren’t left guessing. They can also get real-time visibility into remaining travel budgets.


Keep spending efficient and secure. Automatically provision new employees onto Airbase so that they have access to safe, compliant purchasing. Automatically deprovision employees when they leave to keep the system secure. Map approval workflows to your organization chart.


SSO integrations.

Airbase supports all identity providers that support SAML SSO and integrates with Okta, OneLogin, Google, and Microsoft Office 365, so that login is seamless and secure.


Communication happens in Slack and with Airbase — so do approvals for spend, questions about requests, card declines by vendors, and notifications that you’re all approved and ready to spend.

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