Corporate card and AP consolidation solutions.

VPs of Finance
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  • Get time and tools to tell the stories about the numbers, not just compile them.
  • Build operational muscle and controls to scale efficiently.
  • Ensure a healthy spend culture and eliminate wasted spend.
  • Eliminate a messy tech stack and manual tasks.
  • Experience easy onboarding, happy employees, and the value of real-time data.
Lisa Slater, VP of Finance at EKO Health
Airbase has really helped us get visibility — we can report to the CEO on what’s happening with spend within the company on a weekly basis.
Lisa Slater
VP Finance at Eko Health
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One single, unified platform.

AIrbase spend management is a single unified platform for all your company's non-payroll spend.

Having two unrelated practices and systems for spending company money — one for corporate cards and one for AP — is inefficient. Airbase solves this by consolidating all spending onto one consistent platform. With built-in approval workflows and the efficiency of accounting automation, your GL will be current and accurate. The resulting real-time visibility into spend helps you make better informed business decisions.

Whether you pay with a virtual card, a physical card, ACH or check, Airbase lets you manage the whole spend process from one place.

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Airbase spend management promotes a healthy spend culture.

Visibility and control for a healthy spend culture.

Take the friction and confusion out of company policies and processes when employees spend your company’s money.

A clear request and approval workflow keeps teams moving, and both ensures and records information about compliance.

Eliminate wasted spend, including unnecessary, duplicative, zombie, unbudgeted, and fraudulent spending.

Get real-time reporting of actual, total non-payroll spend any day of the month. When everyone can see spend, everyone can own it.

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Free up valuable time from routine, low-value tasks.

Airbase spend management automates manual workflows associated with company spending.

We’ve built in automation into every activity associated with company spend, including:

  • Request and approval workflows.
  • Auto-categorizations.
  • Automatically syncing to the GL.
  • Bank reporting for reconciliations.
  • Invoice Inbox for automatic capture of invoice details.

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Get control, visibility, and cashback.

Improve spend controls.

Spend requests and approvals take place via email, mobile app or Slack to keep teams moving. Pre-approval for card purchases helps control the budget.

Give every card a budget.

Set spend limits and/or expiration dates for each card to prevent overspending and/or unauthorized vendor charges.

Simple receipt capture.

Employees using a physical card can upload receipts from their desktop or via the mobile app, and virtual card users can attach receipts to each transaction.

Generous cashback.     

Earn cashback for your company on all physical and virtual card purchases.

Dmitri Litin, Controller at AspireIQ
“It’s huge that we can do purchase orders and credit cards from the same place — it saves us time and removes friction from our operations.”
Dmitri Litin
Controller at AspireIQ

The 4 pillars of spend management.

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