About Airbase

The modern spend control platform

Airbase's mission is to make spend management accessible to fast-growing companies. Finance teams need to maintain control and visibility over company spend, make purchasing easy for employees, and save time with accounting automation.

Trusted by finance teams at all stages

The spend problem

Companies lose control and visibility over spend as they grow. Too many people gain access to company credit cards. Many different systems are needed to manage requests, approvals, payments and reconciliation.

The month-end close becomes a series of account statement surprises and reconciliation delays.

We've been there--we've grown businesses of our own and have experienced those same frustrations. That’s why we created Airbase.

The Airbase spend solution

Airbase is an all-in-one spend management platform designed to deliver more control, visibility, and automation to today's finance teams.

Combining spend approvals with virtual cards, physical cards, invoice management, and ACH & check payments into a single platform gives finance teams full control and visibility into expenses, and the ability to automate the reconciliation process.

We designed Airbase to be the ideal spend management platform for companies that need to keep up with growth.


Use spend requests and approval routing to review company spend before it occurs.


Get real-time visibility into spend. See spend by department, individual, team, or vendor as it happens.


Automate reconciliation tasks including transaction coding, receipt collection, and sync directly to your GL software.

Our investors

First Round
Bain Capital Ventures
Webb Investment Network
Webb Investment Network
Box Group
Village Global

Individual investors

Frederic Kerrest
Frederic Kerrest
Executive Vice Chairperson, COO and Co-founder of Okta
Maynard Webb
Maynard Webb
Board member of Salesforce, Visa, and Everwise, Chairman of the Board of Yahoo!, former CEO of LiveOps, and former COO of Ebay
Ron Gill
Ron Gill
Board member of Hubspot and Amplitude, and former CFO of NetSuite

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