Vendor Management Software

Great vendor relationships are built in Airbase.

From vendor onboarding to data-driven insights, Airbase supports the collaborative workflows and risk management you need to build and maintain global strategic vendor partnerships.

Vendor Management



Streamlined vendor onboarding.


Save time, confusion, and communication cycles by tailoring your vendor onboarding questionnaire to meet the needs of all stakeholders. Easily capture information, contracts, and payment details directly from vendors through a self-serve vendor portal.

Improve accuracy with direct vendor input of details and allow vendors to track payments via the portal without contacting the AP team.

New vendor request
Spend by vendor

Cultivate strategic vendor relationships.


Data-driven insights help you build and maintain enduring vendor partnerships. Evaluate vendor performance and quickly access information like the payment terms, compliance status, spend info, and payment history.

See what you need, when you need it.

Use advanced filters and customizable columns to tailor your view of vendor data and get the answers you need quickly and accurately.

Ensure a single repository for all vendor information: documents, risk assessments, performance metrics, preferred payment terms, and more.

Customizable Vendor Data View
Vendor questionnaire

Spend orchestration.


Keep all stakeholders in the loop and get them the documentation they need. Easily collaborate on vendor selection, transaction information, negotiations, terms, and documentation.

Start every transaction with Guided Procurement to route information to stakeholders either through Airbase or via their own systems.

Best-in-class risk mitigation tools.


Enforce stronger controls by reviewing and approving any changes made to vendor’s payment details — ensuring only authorized payments go out.
Mitigate the risk of fraud by quickly identifying and reviewing payments the first time you pay a new bank account associated with an existing vendor.

Learn more about security and fraud detection

Payment Status - Potential Fraud Risk
Screenshot of Tax ID Validation

Automated vendor tax compliance.


Airbase auto-fills the tax details using AI technology, validates the tax IDs of domestic and international vendors, and flags invalid vendors before payment. Avoid costly penalties for incorrect tax filing and optimize eligible refunds for international tax returns.

Manage renewals with ease.


Automated renewal planning lets you set the schedule for review of vendor renewals. Never miss an opportunity for better terms and cost savings. With automated renewal planning, get early visibility into upcoming renewals and ensure all stakeholders are prepared well ahead of the deadline to make timely and informed decisions.

Vendor Renewal Tracker
Preferred vendor cash back

Make insight-driven payment decisions.


Airbase surfaces actionable insights to help you access untapped cost-saving opportunities. Increase cash back by easily identifying which vendors accept virtual cards and get timely reports on cost savings.

International vendor payment

Pay global vendors securely.


Leverage safe and reliable global payments to vendors in 200+ countries supporting 145+ currencies through ACH, check, virtual card, international wires, or vendor credits.