Partners: QuickBooks Integration

Integrate Airbase with QuickBooks for one seamless experience.

Never again spend hours manually coding and syncing transactions in QuickBooks. With Airbase + Quickbooks integrated, you automatically categorize, approve, and sync transactions in QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop.

QuickBooks integration with Airbase



Control without complexity.

quickbooks payment control

Airbase’s auto-categorization of invoices and categories set up front for card spend, make for accurate and easy syncing transactions from Airbase to QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop, and keep your general ledger up to date.

quickbooks payment control

Get full command and control for all payments. Handle bill payments, corporate cards, and reimbursements using ACH, checks, cards, international wires, or vendor credits. Airbase handles all the pre-accounting workflows so your accounting in QuickBooks is a snap.

Move faster, improve accuracy, eliminate manual coding when your AP system talks directly to your GL.

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Automatic data transfer.

No more manual coding when your spend is regularly synced to your GL for all transactions, cards, invoices, reimbursements.

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Eliminate reconciliations.

Eliminate time-consuming, cross-platform reconciliations and error fixing.

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A real-time view of spend.

When all of your spend is consolidated, keeping your GL current has never been easier. This means that budget owners and leadership can get the numbers they need when they need them.

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Faster time-to-close.

Keeping the books current throughout the month means that the month-end close is much faster and easier.

Michael Zhang
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“I can set coding rules when I’m approving an expense to automatically reconcile it with the GL. It’s a system that allows one person to address the manual work of three.”

Michael Zheng, Head of Finance at Affinity

Airbase and QuickBooks integration:
Much more than automatic reconciliation.

Airbase streamlines approval workflows, corporate cards, bill payments, accounting automation, and reporting on one platform.

  • Control spend before it happens.
  • Track vendors and subscribers with ease.
  • Process your card and bill payments from one platform.
  • Track spend owners, vendors, and view payment status as soon as each transaction occurs.
  • Get real-time spend reports and stay within budget.

Experience seamless integration between Airbase and QuickBooks.

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