American Express® Cards + Airbase

Automate accounting & approvals for American Express® virtual Card spending.

Upon enrollment,1 customers can create an American Express virtual Card on the Airbase platform and enjoy the visibility and control provided by spend management. All virtual Card users must be located in the United States. Airbase’s system automatically routes your employees requests to create an American Express virtual Card to the right approvers, captures transaction details from virtual Cards and enrolled physical American Express Corporate Cards, and syncs details to your compatible general ledger.2 Integrating your eligible American Express virtual Card within Airbase allows you to automate and manage non-payroll Card spending within your company’s spending policy. Fees may apply

Amex Cards

Spend management for your American Express virtual Cards.

Airbase’s spend management functionality1 enables you to:

  1. Pre-approve and adjust spending limits on American Express virtual Cards.
  2. Control spending with user-defined spend limits and expiration dates.
  3. Categorize transactions at the approval stage or use the auto-categorization feature to help reduce errors.
  4. Automatically sync all virtual and physical Corporate Card transactions to your compatible general ledger and help reduce manual reconciliations.2
  5. Earn the rewards of your American Express Card when used to make virtual Card payments on eligible purchases.3
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Use the platform to manage non-payroll spending.

As part of the integration, Airbase provides the ability to consolidate bill payment systems1 and streamline expense reimbursements into a single spending management platform with Airbase. These features are optional tools for managing non-payroll spending that you can enable in addition to American Express Card integration that help save time for employees and spending managers.

Reduce costs related to a fragmented spend management process.

As your company grows in size and complexity, you’ll need more advanced tools to manage spending but without the hassle of managing multiple spend management tools. Airbase has the depth and breadth of functionality to grow with you.

With different packages1 to choose from, the Airbase and American Express integration provides a comprehensive tool to manage your business spend all on one platform.

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Visibility into spending.

Set approval workflows to reflect your company’s expense policies. Make them as robust as necessary using Airbase’s advanced approvals that include choices like approval groups, and parallel and sequential approvals.4

Since all budget owners can view their spending in real time, any day of the month, your accounting team won’t have to spend time running special reports.

Control over spending.

With Airbase, your American Express virtual Card purchases are pre-approved in advance to provide better control over budgets. Use the adjustable spending limits and expiration dates to avoid unwanted recurring charges.5

Airbase enables you to automatically set up missing receipt notifications to your employees instead of manual review by your accounting personnel team. Control makes spending with virtual Cards easy for everyone.

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Airbase integrates American Express virtual Card transactional data into the following accounting systems.

Oracle NetSuite
Intuit QuickBooks Logo

Airbase packages include:1

Platform Features

  • Flexible, customizable spend control workflows.
  • End-to-end compatible general ledger accounting automation.2
  • Real-time reporting and visibility.

American Express Card Integration

  • American Express virtual Cards generated from your Business and Corporate Cards.
  • Subscription management with alerts and scheduled Card locking help prevent auto-renewals.5
  • Duplicate spending alerts in the Airbase platform flag payments for the same vendor and amount.

Bill Payments

  • Streamlined bill payments and vendor management.
  • Earn the rewards of your Card when paying bills with virtual Cards.3
  • Automated categorization and expense account tagging drive automatic syncing to compatible general ledgers.


  • Efficient employee expense reimbursement.
  • Clear, customizable policies.
  • Simple receipt upload from Airbase mobile app with optical character recognition support.


  • Guided onboarding support for Essentials, Growth, and Enterprise packages.
  • Dedicated customer success manager for Growth and Enterprise packages.
  • Online self-help resources for platform support.

Get started today.

1 Card enrollment required for eligible U.S. issued American Express Small Business and Corporate Cards. Separate enrollment with each of Airbase and American Express is required to utilize
combined product offering. There is no fee to generate American Express virtual Cards. For you to make a Card payment to a supplier through the service, the supplier must be an
American Express accepting merchant. Additional upgrades, features, and payment methods may require separate activation and fees may apply. Airbase is solely responsible for determining
additional fees. Please contact your Airbase representative to learn more.

2Compatible general ledger software systems include NetSuite, QuickBooks Online, and QuickBooks Desktop.

3Not all Cards are eligible to earn rewards. Terms and limitations vary by Card type.

4Advanced approvals are offered as part of an upgraded package for an additional fee. Contact your Airbase representative to learn more. Final transaction authorization approval is dependent
on American Express approval.

5Airbase does not cancel virtual Card purchases for recurring subscription charges. Please contact the subscription provider to cancel services.