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Spend Management Platform

Spend Management Platform


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Finally, manage out-of-pocket employee expenses in the same place as all other non-payroll spend — in one consolidated platform.

Your employees sometimes need the flexibility to use personal credit cards or cash to make purchases on behalf of your company. The problem is that out-of-pocket expense management is disconnected from your AP workflow. This burdens your accounting team with unwieldy expense reports, time-consuming approvals, manual journal entries, GL coding, and reconciliation. At the same time, your employees are slow to be reimbursed and left frustrated.

Airbase’s first-of-its-kind spend management platform solves this problem.

Now you can easily manage out-of-pocket employee expenses in the same platform you use for all spend types, including bill payments, virtual cards, and physical cards. Airbase’s integrated reimbursements module eliminates expense reports altogether and provides effective policy controls, built-in approval workflows, and accounting automation.

Benefits of Airbase reimbursements:

Save time and money by consolidating all expenses — including bill payments, corporate cards, and employee expense reimbursements — in one platform with consistent approval workflows, accounting automation, and real-time reporting.

Boost efficiency for your accounting team by avoiding the need to chase employee expense reports, receipts, and approvals for out-of-pocket employee expenses.

Delight employees with the ability to submit and receive reimbursement for expenses individually when they happen, instead of when they find time to create a complex expense report.


How it works: 

Airbase makes it easy and efficient to process out-of-pocket expenses, for employees and accounting teams alike.

  1. Admins configure reimbursement rules to reflect company policies, including mandatory fields, submission time window as well as daily, weekly, quarterly or annual budget. Admins also configure the approval policy, defining who needs to approve expenses.
  2. Employees add their preferred bank account to receive reimbursements. They submit requests, upload receipts, while our OCR technology auto-populates mandatory fields such as merchant name, amount, transaction date, and category. Employees receive a warning or are blocked from submitting out-of-policy requests.
  3. Approvers review expense items, exchange comments, edit details, and approve or deny via Slack, email or the web to keep teams moving and employee reimbursements processed quickly.
  4. Accounting teams focus on higher value work since reimbursement expenses are approved, categorized, and automatically sync to their GL.

User experience:

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Yatin Mody, Head of Finance at Postman