Asana integration

Connect Asana to your procurement workflows.

Seamless connectivity with Asana means your stakeholder departments can easily track, review, and approve requests directly in Asana. Keep all the necessary information at their fingertips in the tool they know and use daily.

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Work efficiently with stakeholders that use Asana.

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Stakeholder teams capture the information necessary for compliance directly in Asana without logging in to another system.

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Eliminate confusion and duplicate data entry for requestors. Airbase automatically routes purchase requests to Asana when certain conditions are met.

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Reviews and approval decisions executed in Asana seamlessly sync back to Airbase, maximizing visibility for all.

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Ensure a comprehensive audit trail is synced to the ERP with all supporting documentation.

Integrate to collaborate.

Our Asana integration is simple to set up. You can easily do so yourself or let our onboarding specialists help ensure it’s quickly configured for your needs.

Collaborate effectively with every stakeholder with Guided Procurement.