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Diana Ngo, Senior Director of Finance

Reimbursing your employees for out-of-pocket expenses has never been easier for employees and more efficient for AP. When incorporated into your spend management platform, employee expense management simply conforms to your existing automated spend workflows for easy approvals, documentation upload, payment, and booking to the GL.

  • Increase your value to the company.
  • Automate manual tasks with tools that automatically compile a clean audit trail.
  • Eliminate expense reporting.
  • Consolidate card spend and AP into one convenient system.
  • Cut your time-to-close the books in half.
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Accounting automation.

Airbase spend management automates accounting to save you time and improve accuracy.
  • Automatic syncing to your GL saves time, eliminating messy CSV files or manual entries.
  • Automatically create bills from invoices.
  • Our corporate card program automates approval workflows.
  • Virtual card transactions flow automatically to the GL, so that you don’t have to reconcile credit card statements.
  • Use receipt compliance setting and let Airbase enforce your policy.
  • Built-in W-9 compliance so that payments aren’t sent without the form on file.
  • Automatically capture invoice documents and correspondence to an Invoice Inbox.

Real-time reporting.

AIrbase spend management gives you reporting for all spend whenever you need it.

Real-time data for all non-payroll spending with reporting available to all budget owners and leadership saves you from having to run on-demand reports.

Free up valuable time from routine, low-value tasks.

Airbase spend management provides visibility and control over your total company-wide spending.

We’ve built automation into every activity associated with spending company money, including:

  • Request and approval workflows.
  • Auto-categorizations.
  • Automatic syncing to the GL.
  • Bank reporting for reconciliations.
  • Invoice Inbox for automatic capture of invoice details.
  • Receipt compliance automation.

Be a hero.
Update and upgrade your company’s AP function, corporate card program, and reimbursements.

spend controls.

Use spend requests and approvals to ensure that company expenses are pre-approved before employees make card purchases.

Automate low-value, manual tasks.

Eliminate credit card reconciliations and expense reporting. Automate approval flows and syncing to the GL.
Streamline bill payments
and bank reconciliations.

Give visibility
to everyone.

Budget owners can see their department’s spend, and everyone making purchases can see what they have spent.

Cut monthly time-to-close in half.

The right automation tools free you up to make a more valuable contribution to your company’s business performance.

See how Airbase can help you build a great company.

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Jason Lopez, Controller at Lattice
“After Airbase, we spent a lot less time shuffling papers and doing the really tiring, boring administrative processes that nobody cares about but have to get done.”
Jason Lopez
Controller at Lattice

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