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All include corporate cards, bill payments, and expense reimbursements.
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Essentials (Free)

Perfect for early-stage companies.
Typically up to 100 employees.
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Support employee spend, get vendors paid on time, and access timely reporting.
  • Software-controlled physical and virtual cards.
  • Pre-funded cards with 2.25% cash back or charge cards with 1.75% cash back.
  • Domestic and international bill payments.
  • Employee expense reimbursements.
  • Approval workflows for all types of spend.
  • Automated sync to any general ledger.
  • Real-time reporting.
  • Single Sign-on with Microsoft Office 365, Google, Okta.


Best for small to mid-market companies.
Typically 100 – 500 employees.
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Improve efficiency, gain better visibility and control over spend, and support remote teams.
  • Straight-line amortization.
  • Bill payment scheduling, batch approvals, recurring invoices.
  • Card auto-lock, temporary limits.
  • Physical card approvals.
  • Reimbursement delegation, auto-categorization.
  • OneLogin Single Sign-on.
  • Purchase orders (optional).
  • Guided onboarding and dedicated CSM.


Pre-IPO and beyond.
Typically 300 – 3,000 employees.
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Drive efficiency, reduce waste, handle high transaction volumes, ensure audit readiness.
  • Purchase orders.
  • Custom NetSuite fields.
  • NetSuite native amortization.
  • Advanced approval workflows.
  • Customized onboarding and dedicated CSM.
  • Multi-subsidiary support (optional).
  • Multi-currency support (optional).
Bill Payments

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Bill Payments solution?

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Pricing FAQs

How does the Airbase Essentials tier compare to other free corporate card products?

Airbase offers the most competitive corporate card in the market in terms of cash back (2.25% pre-funded and 1.75% charge card) and software workflows. But, Airbase is far more than a corporate card. We also include bill payments, expense reimbursements, approval workflows, accounting automation, and real-time reporting to cover all non-payroll spending in your company. You can read reviews from our happy customers on G2 Crowd and see why they love us.

Does Airbase actually replace my existing tools or integrate with them?

Airbase can completely replace your corporate card (like Brex, Ramp, or bank cards), bill payments system (like, and expense reimbursement system (like Expensify, Concur, or Abacus). While we strongly recommend bringing all non-payroll spend into one system, you can also start with one Airbase product if you’re not yet ready to commit to the entire spend management platform.

When do you give me the cash back on corporate card spend?

Airbase pays you the cash back you’ve earned at the end of every month. We don’t make it hard for you to access your money. You won’t have to wait till the end of the year or deal with opaque points. It’s your money, and you get immediate access to spend it as you see fit.

How are you able to provide unlimited 2.25% cash back?

Read this blog post to learn more about how cash back on corporate cards work and why Airbase is able to provide the highest cash back in the market.

How long does it take to implement Airbase?

Essentials (our free tier) customers can get going in less than an hour after the charge card application and KYC process are complete. We offer guided onboarding for larger customers on the Growth and Enterprise tiers, and define a tailored implementation plan to meet your needs. Most mid-market customers are able to fully replace existing tools and implement the Airbase platform in 30-60 days.

If we’re a small company, do we need a spend management platform?

In our view, any business that spends money needs a spend management system. Picking a platform like Airbase that consolidates your corporate card, bill payments, and expense reimbursement systems early in the life cycle of your company will only make things a lot easier as you grow. Airbase supports companies from idea to IPO and beyond, and your future CFO will be thankful you got on Airbase and saved them a huge amount of effort ripping and replacing tools later on.

Can I sign up for a Growth or Enterprise plan if I’m a smaller company, but need the advanced functionality offered in those tiers?

Absolutely! We provide guidance on the size of a business that each plan is a good fit for but understand that the needs of every business are different. Feel free to request a demo and talk to our sales team if you want to learn more about the advanced functionality we offer.

Consolidate card payments, bill payments, and reimbursements on one system.

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