Product Features and Capabilities

What makes Airbase so special?

Learn about the details that makes the #1 spend management platform.

Automatic Audit Trail.

Airbase creates a full record of every dollar spent so that you can retrieve all documentation needed for booking and if required for an audit.

Delegated Access.

Hand the keys to a trusted assistant so that they can input information on your behalf.

Digital Wallets.

Yes, you can load your Airbase cards into Apple Pay or Google Pay for contactless payments.


Extend your Airbase experience via integrations with your most trusted tools.

Mobile App.

When your making purchases on the go, there is nothing more convenient than our mobile app.

Receipt Management.

Learn how we make this annoying requirement a breeze.

Security & Fraud Detection.

We help you stay on top of unauthorized charges.

Spend Controls.

Learn how to get control over spending before it happens.

Silicon Valley Bank Card.

Airbase has partnered with Silicon Valley Bank so that you can combine the Airbase spend management platform with your SVB cards.

Subsidiary and Multi-Currency Support.

Multiple subsidiaries shouldn’t mean multiple systems.

Vendor Portal.

Such a good idea. See how it works to give your vendors access to information they need.

Virtual Cards.

A total game changer. Learn how virtual cards allow for automation from approval to syncing to the GL.


Giving visibility into every step of the spending process to all stakeholders helps control budgets and build a healthy spend culture.

Get control, visibility, and cash back.

Improve spend controls.

Use spend requests and approvals to ensure that company expenses are approved before employees make card purchases.

Give every card
a budget.

Set spend limits for each card to prevent overspending and unauthorized vendor charges.

Simple receipt

Employees using the physical card can upload receipts via mobile app, and virtual card users can attach receipts to each transaction.

cash back.       

Earn cash back for your company on all physical and virtual card purchases.

Amer Ali, Head of Strategy and Business Operations at Netlify.
“Airbase has streamlined the bill pay process for us. Requests are easy to set up and get into approvals. Sending requests to other business partners who need to approve that spend is a lot easier. It’s very user-friendly.”
Amir Ali
Head of Strategic Finance and Business Operations at Netlify

Learn how our corporate card program helps cut your time-to-close in half.

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