Reimburse employees quickly and easily.

Reimbursing your employees for out-of-pocket expenses has never been easier for employees, or more efficient for AP. NetSuite users have access to international reimbursements from multiple subsidiaries.



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A new and better employee expense reporting solution.

Submit business expense reimbursements no matter where you are. Take a picture of your receipt with our mobile app, and our AI-powered OCR technology will automatically scan and populate your expense details in seconds. Once approved, your reimbursement will be deposited directly to your bank account.

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Consistent employee expense policy and approvals.

It’s simple and straightforward when employees submit expenses in the same system used for all other purchase requests. Set rules based on various parameters, time, and budget to ensure compliance with your unique policies.

Your policies are visible to all employees, removing all the confusion and guesswork about what can and cannot be claimed. Additionally, inform employees and approvers with automated notifications that warn or block specific expense reports to save you time.

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Expense reports on the go.

Submit employee expense requests anywhere and forget the pocket full of receipts. With the Airbase mobile app, simply take a picture of your receipt, submit for approval, and get reimbursed.

Prefer to finish it later? Snap a picture and save it to your receipt inbox, and Airbase will still scan the receipt and automatically populate your expense report details, so it’s ready when you are.

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Automate expense reimbursement with flows that make sense to everyone.

Consistent approval workflows.

Set approval thresholds to reflect your company’s policies, capture requests and approvals, and create a consistent audit trail for out-of-pocket purchases.

Automatic accounting.

Once a reimbursement has been paid, it can easily be synced to the general ledger. Regular updating of the GL leads to a faster close.

Support remote teams.

Keep remote teams moving with quick, easy reimbursements for out-of-pocket expenses. Take the guesswork out of what expenses are allowable.

Employees get paid faster.

Approvals and communication regarding additional clarity on an expense happen in email or Slack. Compliant expenses are paid out each night. Employees track progress on payment from their dashboard.

Pay directly to employee bank account.

The Airbase system pays directly to an employee’s bank account, helping to avoid confusion over payroll tax.

Payment for approved expenses is automatic, and can be on a batched basis, omitting any that are not (yet) fully compliant. Employees can track payments and are notified of any missing documentation.

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Audit trail of every expense.

When everything is filed by transaction in one consistent format, the resulting audit trail is easy to access and has all supporting documentation, including receipts, notes, and more.

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International reimbursements.

Airbase makes getting paid easy and fast for your entire global workforce with support across 14 currencies and 44 countries.

Set accounting and approval policies so every submitted expense report complies with these rules. Once reviews and approvals are complete, employees are paid directly to their bank account in their local currency. Expense reports sync to the subsidiary account in NetSuite in its functional currency.

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