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Screenshot of the Airbase product showing a virtual card approval.

Visibility + control for all non-payroll spend.

Customize approval workflows to reflect your company’s policies. Get approvals before spending takes place and build an audit trail of compliance.

Automate accounting to free up valuable time and improve accuracy.

Enjoy a faster close and rest assured that your spend management system will support your growing company at any stage. Build a modern finance operation with a scalable automation solution.

Real-time reporting for better control over budgets.

One command and control center to manage and view all non-payroll spend. Spending data is captured and recorded as it happens, so budget owners and leadership have on-demand information to make good business decisions.

Bill Payments.

Replace your legacy bill pay system with a modern solution. Capture invoices, create bills, manage POs, automate amortizations, schedule/send payments, auto-categorize, and sync with your GL.

Airbase is the only spend management company offering its Bill Payments on a stand-alone basis.

Screenshot of the Airbase Bill Payments product.

Corporate Cards.

Airbase physical or virtual corporate cards offer cash back on all purchases. Set transactions to automatically sync to your GL, and set spending parameters for cards.

Product screenshot of corporate cards product inside the Airbase platform.


Automate employee expense reimbursements with pre-set rules. Requests are routed to the right approvers, and payment is automatically made when approved and receipt upload is verified.

Screenshot of the reimbursement product in the Airbase platform.

Real-time Reporting.

View spend by department, employee, team, or vendor in real time. See company spend as it happens. Replace ad-hoc reporting, spreadsheets.
Product screenshot of the real time reporting offered in Airbase.

Accounting Automation.

Close faster and reduce errors. Free up finance teams to focus on work that matters. Automate approvals, documentation creation, reconciliations, categorizations, syncing to the GL, and more. Replace CSV files, spreadsheets, manual reconciliations.
Product screenshot displaying the automated accounting functionality in Airbase.

Approval Workflows.

Use rule-based expense policies to customize approval workflows. Once set, requests are automatically routed to the right approver(s) in the mobile app, on Slack, and in email, for rapid turnaround. Replace Procurify, ad-hoc workflows on Slack, email, or Jira.
Product screenshot displaying the approval workflows within Airbase.

The one solution for all company spend.

Airbase combines bill payments, corporate cards, and reimbursements onto a single platform with approval workflows, accounting automation, and reporting. Expenses impact almost everyone in a company — make it a better experience for them all.

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Sean Flynn
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