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Last updated Jun 2, 2023

Top Airbase resources in 2021.

Written by Laura Slauson
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Airbase works hard to produce a wide range of educational content, from our in-depth guides and ebooks, to our popular Path to Becoming a CFO series, to our widely-read press releases. Below are our most popular resources over the last 12 months according to page views.


1. The investment memo that helped us raise $60M in 10 days.

Airbase Founder and CEO, Thejo Kote, raised a lot of questions about how he closed Airbase’s Series B funding round in just 10 days. In this blog, he shares the memo he used to tell the Airbase story instead of the standard pitch deck typically used. He also explains his general approach to raising venture capital. It’s a must-read for any company who is considering raising money from the professional investor community.

2. Treasury function: Best practices for early-stage companies. 

Early-stage companies don’t typically have a treasury department, but they still benefit from using a “treasury lens” when implementing scalable processes and controls. This blog offers insights from finance leaders at Okta and Gusto on strategies to create a treasury function that supports a growing company’s business model.

3. Airbase raises $60M in Series B. 

Judging by the numbers, we know that everyone likes a good fundraising success story. Read this blog to find out how Airbase raised its Series B, why investor interest in the spend management sector is so high right now, and what sets Airbase apart.

4. How to create a user-friendly pre-approval process for better spend management.

Is it possible to create an approval process everyone will love? It might seem like an impossible task because of conflicting needs: employees need simple processes and minimal paperwork, but finance needs visibility and control. This blog explains how to implement user-friendly pre-approval processes to create a culture of transparency and accountability.

5. Why virtual cards are taking over the business world.

With their ease of use and ability to preserve budget, minimize fraud risks, and increase control over expenses, software-enabled virtual cards are transforming the way companies spend money. Find out what to look for in an effective card program.


1. The Definitive Guide to Spend Management.

Spend management is a completely new approach to managing company money, one that leads to greater control, improved visibility, and a more accountable corporate culture. And, all this happens through efficient, streamlined processes which free up finance professionals’ time to focus on more value-added activities. This ebook takes a deep dive into the concept of spend management, including why it’s necessary, its central pillars, the ROI of adopting spend management platforms, and an overview of the current spend management ecosystem.

2. Buyer’s Guide to Spend Management.

As the spend management sector heats up, it can be harder to sort through the many claims made by the growing list of spend management vendors. The performance criteria in this ebook acts as a framework for evaluating spend management platforms. You’ll also find an interactive vendor assessment template that makes it easy to compare offerings and rank your company’s unique priorities in a platform.

3. Your Guide to Creating Rule-based Policies.

Rule-based expense policies remove the ambiguity inherent in language-based policies. As a result, automated policies based on programmed rules mean fast approvals, rapid reimbursements for employees, increased transparency around what’s allowed and what isn’t, built-in compliance, and more. Find out how to implement rule-based policies and improve spend culture in your organization.

4. A Purchase Order Process Everyone Can Love.

They’re often cumbersome and frequently unpopular, but purchase orders are here to stay. Although they’re seen as a more old-school purchasing process, a modern approach to purchase orders can ease their administrative pains, while still providing visibility and control. This ebook provides an overview of a pain-free, efficient purchase order process.

Path to Becoming a CFO.

1. Kelly Steckelberg, CFO at Zoom.

Kelly Steckelberg helped guide Zoom during its extraordinary growth in the spring of 2020 — a period which saw the number of daily meetings hosted on the platform quickly rise from 10 million to 300 million. Find out how she managed the company’s financials with an eye on sustainability, and how her career up to that point prepared for this historic challenge.

2. Jason Warnick, CFO at Robinhood.

Jason Warnick’s route to becoming CFO at Robinhood wasn’t always a linear progression, but instead focused on acquiring the skills he needed to get there. Hear his thoughts on setting goals, remaining authentic, and the evolving CFO role.

3. Ned Segal, CFO at Twitter.

Ned Segal talks about his finance career, including his tricks for maintaining a healthy work-life balance, the importance of asking the right questions, and more.

Product highlights.

2021 was a busy year. Airbase added many new features and products, including purchase ordersadvanced approval workflowsmulti-currency and multi-subsidiary support, and our new free platform, Airbase Essentials.

We also introduced the highest cash back on the market.

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