A Purchase Order Process Everyone Can Love

How spend management simplifies purchase orders for mid-market and early-enterprise companies.

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What you will get:

  • A definition of POs and an explanation of all surrounding processes.
  • A visualization of the PO process workflow.
  • How spend management improves the processing and security around POs and invoices.
  • Information surrounding integrations for POs and 3-way matching in NetSuite.
  • Insights into how a proper PO solution is vital for robust internal controls.

Automation reforms POs — why keep them manual?

In this ebook, we map out recent advances in financial automation that have revolutionized PO and invoice processes, which brings significant security and efficiency improvements for teams processing them.

Mid-market operations, and beyond, mean an increasing volume of POs and more intricate verification. Rigid PO infrastructure and internal controls are needed at this stage.

Spend management offers a consolidated and effective solution that largely reduces manual work required in purchase-to-pay and P2P processes. Automated, end-to-end PO processes flow directly to your GL or ERP and are supported by flexible approval workflows, lightening your workload and keeping internal controls airtight. Furthermore, Airbase offers 3-way matching in partnership with NetSuite, keeping your PO processes aligned with an up-to-date ERP.

This ebook dives into the intricacies of PO processes and 3-way matching, and why a consolidated system with secure, end-to-end functionality is so uniquely valuable for finance teams looking to leave manual, laborsome PO processes behind.

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