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Transformation of finance as a function: How do CFOs drive innovation

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About this webinar.

From the Ascent SaaS Event Series: Spotlight on Finance, this panel will take on debates and discussions around the transformation of finance as a function, how it’s changed over the past 20 years, and how it will look going forward. Diving into questions around:

  • Shift to Distributed/Remote Work
  • Use of Forecasting Tools by Finance and Sales
  • Finance‘s Involvement with Pricing and Packaging
  • Business Intelligence Platforms and Leading Indicators

… and much more!

About the speaker.

Thejo Kote

Thejo Kote

CEO and Founder at Airbase

A seasoned entrepreneur, Thejo is the Founder and CEO of Airbase, the cloud-based spend management platform for growing companies. Prior to Airbase, Thejo co-founded Automatic which was acquired by SiriusXM in 2017.

Learn how the #1 Spend Management Platform can help your company scale.

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