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Eliminate expense reports, reimburse quickly and easily.

Airbase accounting automation starts with the moment a transaction is requested and flows to the GL.

Reimbursing your employees for out-of-pocket expenses has never been easier for employees, or more efficient for AP.

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Trusted by finance teams at all stages.

A new and better way to do employee expenses.

Employees simply submit for a reimbursement, even with an incomplete expense. Fill in mandatory fields and attach a receipt from a local drive or from the Receipt Inbox. The platform automatically pays an employee once approvals and documentation are in place.

Graphic of a Reimbursement request. Airbase makes employee expenses easy.

Consistent policy and approvals.

Product screenshot displaying the policies and approvals that can be set up.

It’s simple and straightforward when employees submit expenses in the same system used for all other purchase requests. The request is automatically routed to the appropriate approver(s) per your company’s policies.

Set mandatory fields, a time window for submission, and any budget limits. Provide clarity to your employees by flagging or blocking an expense that is not allowable.

Airbase accounting automation includes auto-categorization that learns as you spend.

Create a full transaction record.

Airbase automatically creates a full record of your transactions in one convenient place. Category and tag selection happens up front to eliminate errors or gaps that can slow down proper booking to the GL. Employees can add in a purpose or notes, receipts, invoices, and attach additional documentation so that all stakeholders and auditors can review as needed.

Pay directly to employee bank account.

Airbase accounting automation includes the creation of an amortization schedule.

The Airbase system pays directly to an employee’s bank account, helping to avoid confusion over payroll tax.

Payment for approved expenses are automatic, and can be on a batched basis, omitting any that are not (yet) fully compliant. Employees can track payments and are notified of any missing documentation.

Product screenshot showing the audit trail of an employee. Easily access and reference audit trails for every expense.

Audit trail of every expense.

When everything is filed by transaction in one consistent format, the resulting audit trail is easy to access and reference for audits or other reviews.

Automate expense reimbursement using the same consistent workflows for all spend.

Consistent approval workflows.

Set approval thresholds to reflect your company’s policies, capture requests and approvals, and create a consistent audit trail for out-of-pocket purchases.


Once a reimbursement has been paid, it can easily be synced to the general ledger. Regular updating of the GL leads to a faster close.  

remote teams.

Keep remote teams moving with quick, easy reimbursements for out-of-pocket expenses. Take the guesswork out of what expenses are allowable.

Employees get
paid faster.

Approvals and communication regarding additional clarity on an expense happen in email or Slack. Compliant expenses are paid out each night. Employees track progress on payment from their dashboard.

Learn how accounting automation can help you cut your time-to-close in half.

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