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Howard Wilson, CFO at PagerDuty

Join us for this fascinating conversation between veteran tech CFO, Jeff Epstein, and PagerDuty CFO, Howard Wilson. Howard’s path to CFO is unlike any other we have seen over the two years this series has been running. Until becoming CFO at PagerDuty, Howard had not held a traditional finance or accounting position.

With a formal education in Information Systems and Computer Science, Howard began his career supporting the Sales operations at Oracle. His career moves included positions as Chief Commercial Officer and General Manager of Digital Experience Management, until he stepped into the finance leadership role at PagerDuty serving as CFO in the years up to and including the company’s IPO. This session offers a glimpse into an alternate path to the more often observed Big Four or investment banking backgrounds.

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Why attend?

  • Get career perspectives from top CFOs.
  • Get perspectives on how the role of CFO is changing.
  • Get ideas on how to build your career and up-level your skills.

Who should attend?

  • Always-learning CFOs and aspiring ones.
  • Controllers, FP&A, and accountants.
  • Finance professionals.

About the speakers.

Howard Wilson

Howard Wilson

CFO at PagerDuty

Leading the strategic and internal execution of the company, Howard Wilson serves as CFO at PagerDuty, where he’s responsible for building and leading the finance organization to support the company’s scaling and growth. Previously, he served as PagerDuty’s Chief Commercial Officer, responsible for providing ongoing customer value and leading efforts that empowered people and decision-making. Howard brings more than 20 years of software, services, and operational management experience to his role with PagerDuty.

Prior to PagerDuty, Howard oversaw the SaaS business at Dynatrace, the leader in Application Performance Management. He was previously Chief Operating Officer at Keynote Systems, where he was responsible for all customer-facing operations. Howard also served as Senior Vice President of Field Operations at Ventyx Biosciences, where he was responsible for a broad portfolio of functions, including business planning, sales operations, and recurring revenue operations. Prior to Ventyx, he spent 14 years at Oracle in various senior leadership roles.

Howard holds a B.S. in Information Systems and Psychology from University of South Africa.

Thejo Kote

Thejo Kote

CEO and Founder at Airbase

A seasoned entrepreneur, Thejo is the Founder and CEO of Airbase, the cloud-based spend management platform for growing companies. Prior to Airbase, Thejo co-founded Automatic which was acquired by SiriusXM in 2017.

Learn how the leading Spend Management Platform can help your company scale.

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