Corporate Cards

It’s the software that transforms a corporate card program.

Airbase corporate card program for business spending.

With Airbase, physical and virtual cards are highly adaptable, sophisticated communication devices — think approvals, coding to the GL, and real-time reporting. Excellent design lets you configure controls at both the card and the transaction level. Enable your high-performing teams to spend the money they need, and get the visibility and control necessary to manage budgets.

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Lisa Slater, VP Finance at Eko Health
Lisa Slater
VP Finance at Eko Health
Our employees love Airbase. Now that we’re able to give everyone virtual cards or physical cards with set value limits, nobody has to pay for expenses out-of-pocket or fill out cumbersome reports. That’s been a big win in terms of employee satisfaction.
Trusted by finance teams at all stages

Virtual cards flexible, convenient.

Airbase corporate card program includes virtual cards.

When employees create virtual cards for one-time or recurring payments, a full audit trail is created and transactions are automatically booked to the GL.

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Physical cards for in-person purchases.

Airbase corporate card program includes physical cards.

Physical cards for in-person spending by employees can be customized for additional control by setting a spending limit and an expiration date.

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Manage budgets.

Airbase corporate card program includes spend controls to manage your budget.

Limit the amount that can be spent on a card to maintain control over spending. Limits can be adjusted following approvals if circumstances require. Whether you use virtual cards with pre-approval workflows for spending, or physical cards for point-of-sale purchases, Airbase cards are backed by robust controls and visibility into real-time spending.

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Airbase corporate card program includes easy receipt upload.

Easy receipt upload.

Adding receipts to card transactions has never been easier. Simply upload the receipt and attach it to the transaction. Our mobile app allows for this easy action while making purchases on the go, and even reminds you to do so when a purchase is made. Airbase puts an end to expense reporting and credit card reconciliations.

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Automatic sync to the GL.

Airbase corporate cards can be synced directly to your general ledger.

Proper syncing of transactions to the GL requires accurate categorization up front. That’s why we've built the auto-categorize feature for physical cards, so that transactions will be categorized correctly once you establish the first instance. For virtual cards, the category is identified when a request for spending is made, so it can be vetted upfront. Integrations with QuickBooks Online, Xero, Sage Intacct, and Oracle NetSuite.

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Airbase corporate cards are safe and secure to use.


Automatic fraud detection alerts cardholders to any suspicious transactions.

Airbase cards are covered by VISA® Purchase Protection.

Whether you add your physical card to your digital wallet, or use the card’s chip technology to avoid contact at the point of purchase, contactless payments are safer.

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Digital Wallets.

Interactions in the physical world are safest when contactless. Our physical cards are ‘tap cards’ so that you don't have to touch a swipe terminal. Add our physical cards to your digital wallet for greater ease and security.

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Get control, visibility, and cashback.

Improve spend controls.

Use spend requests and approvals to ensure that company expenses are approved before employees make card purchases.

Give every card a budget.

Set spend limits for each card via software to prevent overspending and unauthorized vendor charges.

Simple receipt capture.

Employees using the physical card can upload receipts via mobile app, and virtual card users can attach receipts to each transaction.

Generous cashback.      

Earn cashback for your company on all physical and virtual card purchases.

Michael Zheng, Head of Finance at Affinity
“If we didn’t have Airbase we’d probably spend 3 to 5 hours a week manually reconciling these transactions on the different cards. I can set coding rules when I’m approving an expense to automatically reconcile it with the GL. It’s a system that allows one person to address the manual work of three.”
Michael Zheng
Head of Finance at Affinity

The 4 pillars of spend management.

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Airbase spend management features.

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