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April 08, 2022
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Accounts payable automation: Top 10 resources to help you transform your AP.

Written by Laura Slauson

Accounts payable automation frees up time, improves accuracy, makes critical data available, and ultimately empowers AP teams to focus their attention on performing more strategic functions. However, it’s important to understand the range of capabilities within automated AP solutions. Basic AP automation is nothing new, but when smart automation handles the entire life cycle of every transaction, for every payment type, the impact on an AP team — and an entire organization — can be transformative.

The following resources explain the benefits of fully automating accounts payable. If you want to level up your AP processes and take advantage of the latest advances in automation, these resources can get you started.

1. Blog4 ways accounts payable automation will help you shine at work. 

You didn’t pursue higher education to chase after receipts and upload CSV files all day. Discover how automation frees up time so you can truly use your education and training to make an impact on your business.

2. WebinarAP and AR automation: Visibility and control for both sides of the balance sheet.

This webinar focuses on how automation can strengthen visibility and control for both AP and AR in remote work environments.

3. BlogRise up accounts payable teams! 8 ways to save time and make money.

This blog entry breaks down specific accounts payable tasks that can be eliminated through automation and offers alternative, higher-value activities to replace them. As you read through the list, you’ll realize why modern AP teams shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best AP automation.

4. BlogSurvey shows too many hours are wasted on manual accounting. Automation can help.

We asked 745 finance professionals how much time they spend on manual tasks like bank reconciliations, data transfers, and report building. The results will surprise you — especially since all these tasks could be eliminated with automation. 

5. ReportDeep Dive: Realizing AP automation’s ROI. 

A detailed look from PYMNTS on how AP automation can not only save time and money, but also generate revenue. 

6. BlogIs accounting automation hurting finance careers?

Advances in automation can lead to job loss fears. However, labor market research shows that accounting automation doesn’t take away jobs, but instead offers more fulfilling opportunities for accounting professionals with the right training and tools. 

7. Case study: Curaytor: Bringing accounts payable in-house with the right automation tools for visibility and control.

Find out how Airbase’s automated spend management platform helped Curaytor shorten their monthly close by as much as 10 days and improved visibility into company spend. 

8. Research paper: Finance 2030: Four imperatives for the next decade.

The future of finance lies in next-level automation. This report from McKinsey looks at the efficiency gains created by automation so far and predicts how new developments will impact finance operations. 

9. Blog10 tedious tasks accounting automation can take off your to-do list. 

If your accounting tech stack doesn’t eliminate all these boring manual tasks, it’s time for an upgrade to more advanced automation. 

10. EbookBuyer’s Guide to Spend Management: Six Performance Criteria.

Ready to explore the possibilities of a spend management platform and get the full benefits of accounts payable automation? This ebook walks you through the purchasing process by offering an evaluation framework to ensure you get the best platform for your needs.

Find out more about how accounts payable automation can help your finance department and your entire company. Schedule a demo with us.

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