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Your legacy bill payment software is slowing you down.

Airbase bill payments handles all of your invoices.

Modernize AP with a comprehensive spend management platform. Everything your bill payment software offers, and much, much more.

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Dmitri Litin, Controller at Aspire IQ
Dmitri Litin
Controller at AspireIQ
It’s huge that we can do purchase orders and credit cards from the same place — it saves us time and removes friction from our operations.
Trusted by finance teams at all stages

Consolidated payment platform.

Airbase bill payments gives you a consolidated view of all non-payroll spend.

One consistent platform for all payment types — cards, checks, and ACH — provides the efficiency of a single solution, instead of a multi-system morass. Company employees follow the same workflows for approvals, and you can sync all payment types directly to the GL.

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Airbase bill payments lets you easily create bills.

Create bills with ease.

Easily create a bill from an invoice. Airbase will scan your invoice using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and fill in the details, like Vendor, Invoice Date, Amount, Payment Due Date, and Invoice Number. Or, if you don’t have an invoice, create a bill manually by filling in the details. Invite vendors to the vendor portal to upload invoices, track payments, and also provide or update payment details.

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Invoice Inbox to give context to every bill.

Airbase bill payments includes an automatic invoice inbox.

All information about an invoice will be filed in a single location with additional information automatically pulled in from email correspondence and added to the inbox. You’ll never have to dig for details about an invoice again.

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Airbase bill payments handles all your payments by check and ACH.

Schedule payments and amortizations.

Whether you are paying with a check, ACH, or invoice specific virtual cards, you can schedule payments to take place at the appropriate time. Airbase’s scheduling feature will even calculate the day a payment needs to go out to be received on time, taking into consideration weekend and holidays.

Automatically create, execute, and track an amortization schedule for virtual card or bill payment transactions.

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The implications of one AP platform for all payment types.

Consolidate accounts payable systems.

Manage all payment methods — card, ACH & checks — from one platform to save time, ensure accuracy, and see the full picture in one place.

Build scalable workflows.

Leverage approval routing and automation rules, to process more transactions without increasing headcount.

Reduce time-to-close.

Automate accounting to speed up reconciliations and cut days off your month-end close.

Seamless integration and real-time reporting.

Set rules to automatically code, tag, and record transactions into your GL. With real-time reporting, you’ll stay on top of budgets.

Extra features to make life easier.

Airbase bill payments includes features not found in other account payable platforms.

Use our W-9 compliance feature to ensure that the form is on file before a payment is made to a vendor.

Additional fraud prevention when vendors manage their account details via our vendor portal, and you get notified whenever changes are made by your team.

Split payment amounts by category.

Your bank statement will show each transaction individually, rather than batched, making your month-end bank reconciliations a snap.

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Airbase bill payments allow for vendor credits.

Vendor Credits.

The inclusion of vendor credits on the same platform simplifies the AP process. When you receive a credit note, simply file it with that vendor; when you next pay them, Airbase will remind you to apply the credit. With all means of paying a vendor easily accessible from one place, making payments has never been easier.

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Automate your bill payments.

Vendor Portal.                  

Invite your vendors to the platform, where they can input their company and bank information for payments. Save your team time by letting vendors track payments through the portal.

Automatic syncing to the GL.

Airbase integrates with QBO, Xero, Intacct, and NetSuite for easy syncing with the GL. Virtual cards automatically upload to the GL, and other transactions can be easily synced with a few clicks.

Invoice Inbox.                     

Get the full context for any invoice with an intelligent inbox that maintains all records, and automatically pulls information from email correspondence.  

Optimize your AP.                  

Switch ACH and check payments to Airbase cards to earn cashback on more purchases. This cash-generating hack can help increase your ROI for Airbase.

Amer Ali, Head of Strategic Finance at Netlify
“It just made sense to transition all ACH bill payments over since most of our spend was already there in Airbase. Airbase has streamlined the bill pay process for us. Requests are easy to set up and get into approvals. It’s very user-friendly.”
Amer Ali
Head of Strategic Finance at Netlify

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