The value of strategic finance at your fast-growing company.

Amer Ali, Head of Strategic Finance at Netlify, who was chosen as the top strategic finance professional for the Anchor List 2020 by Floodgate Fund, will share his insights on strategic finance.

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About this talk.

Amer has successfully driven double to triple-digit growth plans in VC-backed, PE-backed & public tech companies. He understands the processes and systems that go into running a successful organization, and the importance of those processes to drive business outcomes.

Amer will talk about key metrics, including essential ones for different stage companies, and how to interpret them against benchmarks. He’ll provide his insights on the planning process, and how to address the requirement of participation and buy-in from management and key stakeholders from cross-functional teams. Finally, he’ll cover the essential elements needed to tell a story from the numbers, and what the numbers reveal about company growth, risks, resource requirements, and opportunities.

Three tips and tricks.

  • Present an objective, data-driven view of the company to get teams working toward common objectives.
  • Use lagging indicators to provide measures of past performance, and leading indicators to suggest what the future will hold.
  • Use a heartbeat dashboard to share these essential KPIs every week, and make course corrections as needed.

About the speakers.

Amer Ali

Amer Ali

Head of Strategic Finance at Netlify

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