High-impact finance teams

How to understand the infrastructure implications of your company’s business model and adopt complex tools to scale and grow.

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About this webinar.

Pedro Barros, VP Finance from Remote, has a strong POV on the importance of high-impact finance teams. He’ll join us for our 20 Minute Tales From the Frontlines of Finance to share how finance teams can position themselves as key drivers for the success of fast-growing businesses. He’ll illustrate what he means by sharing two different tales. At his previous company, he built the finance operation as the business scaled, adding resources and systems to cope with the growing needs and demands. When he got to Remote, he realized the benefits and the possibilities of building an advanced, sophisticated, highly automated finance operation right out of the gate. He’ll talk about developing a mindset of velocity, understanding the infrastructure implications of your company’s business model, and adopting complex tools to scale and grow. Join us for this conversation about the resources, investment, and priorities needed to accelerate the move to a global, compliant, responsive finance operation, one that can fuel the growth of an ambitious company.

Three tips and tricks.

  • What constitutes a high-impact finance team especially for companies with global reach?
  • How can finance teams develop a mindset of velocity?
  • What types of tools and resources are needed for impact?

About the speaker.

Pedro Barros

Pedro Barros

VP of Finance at Remote

Pedro moved into the venture capital world as Partner at BlueCrow Capital Ltd, simultaneously acting as an Advisor to the startup studio Build Up Labs in Lisbon, Portugal. In 2017, Pedro stepped into the Head of Finance role at Codacy, eventually moving to VP of Strategy and Operations. Since 2020, Pedro has been with Remote acting first as Head of Finance and eventually as VP of Finance.

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