Accelerating your monthly close with automation

Dmitri Litin, Controller at Aspire IQ, provides his insights on how to streamline the close process so that finance teams free up their valuable time from manual tasks to focus on more value-added analytical work.

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About this webinar.

Finance leader Dmitri Litin will share his secrets on building efficient accounting operations. He will draw on the various challenges he’s faced when scaling companies, in particular, how fast-growing headcount can create friction, and what they’ve done to overcome blockers to achieve an efficient accounting process.

He will also share the evaluation criteria that he use to assess various software solutions to ensure the correct fit and identify any hidden costs. With a focus on creating processes and securing tools to speed up the time-to-close, he will share insights on automation strategies, ways to get greater visibility and control over cross-functional teams, and how to rethink the idea of a monthly close.

Three tips and tricks

  • Accounting automation strategies for speed and accuracy.
  • Approval workflow automation for visibility, control, and audit trail.
  • The requirements and benefits of a continuous close.

About the speakers.

Dmitri Litin

Dmitri Litin

Controller at AspireIQ

Dmitri Litin is the Controller for AspireIQ, a community intelligence marketing platform. He has led finance teams for over 10 years including companies like Amour Vert, Trumaker, Square and others. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, is currently completing his MBA, and is fluent in Russian.

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