Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) Business Cards + Airbase

Love your SVB cards? Make them even better.

Combine SVB cards with Airbase to automate approvals, payments, and accounting for every transaction. Supercharge your SVB cards with Airbase spend management software.

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Trusted by finance teams at all stages.

Get the #1 spend management platform without changing your corporate credit cards.

Software-enabled virtual cards.

Your employees will easily create SVB virtual cards for one-time or recurring payments after receiving approvals in Airbase. The system creates a full audit trail and transactions are automatically booked to the general ledger.

Airbase accounting automation lets you set rules for virtual and physical card transactions.

Spend controls for physical cards.

Physical SVB cards for in-person spending by employees can be customized for additional control by setting spend limits and ensuring receipt compliance with automated receipt upload reminders.

Spend management means all non-payroll spend.

Convert your SVB cards to a strong, software-enabled corporate card program and get access to the full Airbase platform.

The Airbase platform also includes bill payments, purchase orders, and employee expense reimbursements. It provides consistent workflows for all types of spending, a single source of truth for all non-payroll spend, and the ease of a single control center to execute all payment types.

Integrate SVB cards into your full AP process.

Airbase’s comprehensive solution for all spend includes bill payments, cards, and employee expense reimbursements.

With SVB cards as part of a full spend management system, you’ll get a seamless flow from pre-approvals to booking transactions to the GL.

Built-in approval workflows.

Pre-approvals for SVB virtual card spend are customized in Airbase to reflect your policies. They’re automatically routed to the right approver(s) in Slack and email for fast turn-around. With Airbase, SVB card transactions are controlled, tracked, and booked with consistent, intuitive approval workflows your employees will love.

Graphic displaying the automatic fraud detection alerts Airbase can send to cardholders.

Make SVB credit cards part of your bill payments.

When your SVB cards are integrated into Airbase, your accounts payable team has one more payment type at their disposal that earns SVB cash back. Airbase also lets you make payments to vendors using checks, ACH, vendor credits, and even international payments from one convenient, automated bill payment system.

Sync card transactions to the GL.

With Airbase, your SVB card transactions will flow directly to your GL. That’s why we’ve built the auto-categorize feature for physical cards, and up-front categorization when a request for spend is made for virtual cards. Keep your books current with real-time capture of SVB card spending.


Automatic fraud detection alerts cardholders to any suspicious transactions.

Whether you add your physical card to your digital wallet, or use the card’s chip technology to avoid contact at the point of purchase, contactless payments are safer.

Digital wallets.

Interactions in the physical world are safest when contactless. Our physical cards are “tap cards” so that you don’t have to touch a swipe terminal. Add our physical cards to your digital wallet for greater ease and security.

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Your SVB cards will have Airbase spend management features.

  • Set spend limits based on amount, time and number of transactions
  • One-time and recurring virtual cards
  • Vendor-specific virtual cards
  • Auto-categorization
  • Google Pay and Apple Pay support
  • Auto-card lock settings
  • Simple receipt upload
  • Receipt compliance settings
  • Subscription management
  • Duplicate subscription checking assistance
  • Virtual card expirations to avoid auto-renewals
  • Subscription renewal warnings for the owner and accounting team
  • Automatic fraud detection

Love your SVB cards even more.

Improve spend

Use spend requests and approvals to ensure that company expenses are approved before employees make card purchases.

Give every card
a budget.

Set spend limits for each card to prevent overspending and unauthorized vendor charges.

Simple receipt

Employees using a physical card can upload receipts via mobile app, and virtual card users can attach receipts to each transaction.

Pay more vendors with SVB cards.

Substitute check or ACH payments with SVB cards to earn additional cash back instead of paying fees.

“If we didn’t have Airbase, we’d probably spend 3 to 5 hours a week manually reconciling card transactions. I can set coding rules when I’m approving an expense to automatically reconcile it with the GL. It’s a system that allows one person to address the manual work of three.”
Michael Zheng
Head of Finance at Affinity

Learn how our corporate card program helps cut your time-to-close in half.

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