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Expressable and Airbase.

Benjamin Pincus, COO CFO at Expressable

Benjamin Pincus

COO/CFO at Expressable

  1. By integrating its SVB credit cards with Airbase, Expressable’s credit cards were software-enabled and the company also had access to a complete spend management platform.
  2. With Airbase, Expressable was able to delay G&A spending and instead hire key revenue-generating employees.
  3. Airbase saves Expressable’s finance team 4–6 hours of work a week.
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How Expressable supercharged their SVB cards with Airbase to build a finance team poised to scale.

When Expressable’s CFO, Ben Pincus, heard he could use his highly valued SVB cards with the Airbase platform, he was excited to implement a time-saving system. The Airbase platform automates accounting related to his SVB credit cards — a service known as software-enablement. Now SVB card payments seamlessly sync to the company’s QuickBooks Online general ledger, and Ben can use the Airbase app to easily upload and OCR scan receipts as they come in.

In addition to enjoying Airbase’s integration with SVB credit cards, Ben takes full advantage of Airbase’s complete AP and spend management software.

He tells us, “We have a lean finance team, so tools like Airbase have been really instrumental in helping our department run more efficiently. Without Airbase, we’d be hard-pressed to finish everything we needed to on a weekly basis.”

More time for best practices.

With Airbase, Ben combines the administration and booking of his SVB credit card spend with those of bill payments. Incorporating all non-payroll spend onto one system provides visibility and control and saves time.

In fact, Airbase saves Ben 4–6 hours per week in accounting work, and, he tells us, “I would also say I save peace of mind.” Ben has been able to delay hiring additional finance staff and move up a plan by a year to shift the company from cash accounting to accrual accounting.

Bill payment features you can rely on.

An important part of switching bill payment systems is checking that all vendor information gets entered into the new system. During implementation, Ben used the Airbase Vendor Portal to save time and prevent errors by requiring vendors to fill in their own information. He has new vendors completing the same step, and he appreciates the automatic emails reminding vendors to provide needed documentation such as W-9s.

With Airbase’s automated inbox feature, Ben almost never has to key in invoices. In the vast majority of cases, he just has to double-check the entered invoices and sync them to their GL.

“Now, instead of typing in and checking myself, I’m checking a system, and I have a high degree of confidence in that system.” 

Features to look forward to.

At the moment, Ben makes many of the company’s purchases himself and therefore doesn’t rely heavily on the approval workflows that Airbase automates into every card transaction. However, the existence of approvals makes Ben confident that his SVB cards and Airbase integration will scale with the company as it grows, and as more and more employees spend company money. 

He tells us, “When I saw Airbase’s ability to eventually scale permissions, scale users, and add people to the team, it was a no-brainer. I’d rather get a product that I know I can grow with.”

Learn more about how to automate your accounting and approval workflows with Airbase or contact your SVB Payment Advisor for more information.

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