Never chase another receipt again.

Let Airbase enforce your receipt compliance policy. With Airbase’s easy receipt attachment options, employees will find it simple to comply with receipt requirements. And, when they don’t, the system will serve as enforcer with reminders and, if selected as a setting, card suspension.


Expense receipts

Trusted by finance teams at all stages.

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Make compliance a matter for the card owner, not Finance.

Airbase makes receipt compliance easy, but, for those times when someone forgets, the system can be configured to automatically become the enforcer.

If the receipts are not uploaded, a reminder will be sent to the card owner to rectify the problem. If they fail to do so, the system will lock the card until compliance is met.

Once the receipts are uploaded, the admin can unlock the card. This shifts the relationship between the finance and accounting teams and those spending company money.

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Easy receipt attachment.

Our application of OCR (optical character recognition) technology is a game changer. The employee making a purchase can take a photo of a physical receipt and upload it to the transaction record so that it can be be read. When the purchaser receives a digital receipt, it can be easily uploaded to the transaction record by tapping on the receipt icon. And, when making purchases on the go, our mobile app will remind the purchaser to photograph and upload the receipt then and there, so that this easy administrative step is not forgotten.

A special email address for receipts.

For virtual card transactions, users can send receipts to a catch-all email address that then processes them. This is particularly useful for departments like marketing, with ongoing purchases for things like digital ads. Airbase matches the receipt to the transaction and attaches it to the transaction record.


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Mobile receipt upload

Add receipts on the go.

The Airbase mobile app sends push notifications when a purchase is made in person to remind the purchaser to attach the receipt. Tapping on the notification will open up your camera to take an image of the receipt that will be attached to the transaction record.


Share receipts from another mobile app.

You can share a receipt opened in another app directly with the Airbase app.

Use the share option to share and attach the receipt to a transaction in Airbase.


Receipt sharing
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“We’re reporting on expenses without expense reports. My team is thrilled and our cardholders couldn’t be happier.”

David Coffman
VP Finance at Doximity

Learn how our easy receipt management makes compliance easy.