Delegated Access

Keep your operation moving even when you’re too busy.

Keep your operation moving with Airbase delegated access.

Busy executives can benefit from administrative assistance when it comes to expenses, like arranging and paying for travel. Delegated access lets Airbase users give secure, restricted access to a teammate, or teammates, to make updates to their Airbase account.

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Trusted by finance teams at all stages.

Delegates can:

Delegated access lets a delegate handle many of the administrative tasks.

Attach and/or remove receipts for either virtual or physical card transactions.

Upload contracts and other related files to a virtual card.

Categorize virtual card and physical card transactions.

Delegated access lets a delegate manage payments and receipts.

Delegates can:

View some information, so they can be effective without jeopardizing security, including:

  • The last 4 digits of the card number.
  • Spend limit.
  • Available balance.
  • Notes.

Events widget.

Delegated access lets a delegate manage payments and receipts.

The Airbase events widget provides event details for each transaction. The delegate can use the widget to keep track of the event trail, and details of events related to a card.

Protected information.

Delegates are given a restricted view of sensitive information, and are not able to view, or make adjustments to, the following:

Virtual card information:

  • View the entire 16-digit virtual card number.
  • Request to change the spend limit of the virtual card.
  • Share the card with other users, or transfer card ownership.
  • Set the virtual card as business critical.
  • Suspend the card.
  • View the card details of other Airbase users.
  • Export virtual card transactions.

Physical card information:

  • View the entire 16-digit physical card number.
  • Activate a card.
  • Report the card as lost or stolen.
  • Reset PIN.
  • Export physical card transactions.
Diana Ngo, Director of Finance at YourMechanic
“The teams love Airbase because they can log in and look at a report of what they’ve spent over time. And managers have more insight into what’s being spent in their departments. They don’t have to come to us and say ‘hey, can you run this spend report for me’ anymore — they can do it themselves.”
Diana Ngo
Senior Director Finance at YourMechanic

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