Audit Trail

Airbase captures all events to form a continuous audit trail.

Audit trail is automatically created each time an action is taken.

Easy access to all records for each transaction’s details, including approvals, and internal communication.

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Trusted by finance teams at all stages

All non-payroll spend on one platform.
One consistent, up-to-date, single source of truth.

Approval record.

The audit trail includes all approvals for spending.

Switch from reconciling credit card statements with no background information, to full records of each card transaction, including approvals and receipts, in a consistent format. Records that are easy to locate make any audit process faster and easier.

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Invoice Inbox.

The invoice inbox serves as an audit trail.

Create a full audit trail as each event occurs for all AP transactions. Request and approval, puchase orders, invoices, payment details, plus tax and other supporting documentation, all contained in a consistent transaction file.

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View all transactions.

An easy audit trail can be created with Airbase's reporting.

View completed transactions, whether paid by virtual card, physical card, ACH or check, as well as refunds, cashback, ACH loads and unloads from funding account.

View pending transactions that have been authorized but not yet settled.

View declined transactions (typically due to spend limit being exceeded).

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Get an audit of all missing documentation.

Easily view missing documentation.

Filter transactions with missing receipts in violation of established company accounting policies, and get the system to enforce compliance.

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All documents and contracts in one place.

It's easy to get the information you need for an audit when it is all housed in clear transaction files.

When approvals, payments, and expense reporting are all contained in the same system, you'll never have to search through email chains, Slack channels, Google forms, or expense reports, to find the documentation you need again.

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JD Higginbotham, Controller at Ridecell
“Once I got a chance to get into the software and see how well-designed it was, how easy it was for users, it was clear that the team put a lot of thought into the user interface and the application was fully baked. Things worked well right out of the gate.”
JD Higginbotham
Controller at Ridecell

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