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September 24, 2021

Slack Community, Off the Ledger, Surpasses 2,500 Members.

The #1 community for accounting professionals, hosted by Airbase, surpasses 2,500 members to become the fastest-growing online finance group.

SAN FRANCISCO — Sep 28, 2021Airbase, the leading spend management platform for companies from founding to IPO, today announced that their popular Slack Community, Off the Ledger, has surpassed 2,500 members. The community, which consists of finance and accounting professionals from all forms of businesses and non-profits, provides a private space for networking, advice, and members-only events. Powered by Airbase, the community was launched at the end of 2019 and has experienced significant growth since its inception. Due to the growing demand for a hub of finance professionals to interact online and the strength of the community, it has witnessed a remarkable expansion, rising from 50 members in January 2020 to over 2,500 today.

Off the Ledger is a ‘sales-free zone’ where colleagues from the world of accounting and finance can communicate with one another on a diverse range of subjects, including industry trends, hiring, the latest software to use, accounting treatment questions, and career advice. Airbase created the community when they identified a gap in the market for a resource to allow professionals in the finance sector to collaborate and exchange ideas online. When the pandemic struck, and workers were forced to work from home, many felt they missed the collaborative nature of an in-house team, and Off the Ledger grew from there.

Entry into the community is exclusive, and Airbase screens applicants’ practices before allowing any new members to join the group. As it reaches this significant milestone, community members couldn’t be happier with the resource so far.

“It’s one of the very few communities that genuinely feels like a community,” said Ali Deniz Gulacti, Director of Finance at Cobalt. “Off the Ledger provides an engaged, helpful, and diverse crowd that assists with all kinds of questions a finance leader might have.”

“Airbase’s Off the Ledger community is an incredible resource,” said James Norris, CFO at Springbuk. “Having access to over 2,500 like-minded professionals to ask questions, seek feedback, or engage via in-depth conversations is unparalleled.”

“The Off the Ledger Slack is one of the best resources out there for a Finance VP,” said Jeff Woglom, VP Finance at OpenFin. “The community of individuals is such a strong network, from both similar companies and a wider note of locations and industries, that it helps you problem solve and expand your knowledge.”

“We have been blown away by the success of Off the Ledger,” said Thejo Kote, Founder and CEO at Airbase. “The Airbase philosophy has always been to provide the most innovative value to members of the finance community — and that’s exactly what we did with the creation of Off the Ledger. We always keep our ears to the ground and listen to what’s going on in the industry, and where the pain points might lie for our customers and colleagues. After speaking with our prospects and clients, it was clear that there was a demand for an online community within the finance industry. Off the Ledger was born from there, and it’s remarkable to witness its expansion to 2,500 members. We’re very proud of this milestone, and we look forward to the further development of the community.”

As the members continue to grow and as it becomes safe to do so, Airbase plans to host in-person events in various formats to encourage even more networking and relationship building. It comes on the heels of unveiling a QuickBooks Desktop integration last month, international bill payments in April, and many other improvements being shipped as part of Airbase’s monthly release cadence.

If you’re a finance professional looking to build strong relationships with colleagues in your field, be sure to join the Off the Ledger community here.

Airbase also hosts “Off the Ledger,” a Slack community for over 2,500 finance professionals that’s a private space for networking, advice, and members-only events. Finance professionals only can apply for membership at:

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