Real-time Reporting

Real-time reporting for all non-payroll spend … the implications are big.

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Real-time data allows companies to move toward a continuous close.

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No need to ask finance teams for interim reports — stakeholders have direct access to the information they need, when they need it.

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Provides data and the levers of control to make budget adjustments in response to market opportunities or risks.




Track actuals against budgets.

Easy syncing of all non-payroll spend to the GL keeps it current, or pull spending reports directly from Airbase.

Department heads and budget owners can view up-to-date spending by department, by team, and by vendor. Get the reporting that managers need any day of the month, without interrupting your accounting colleagues.


Comprehensive reporting across payments types.

Pull a comprehensive report for all types of business spend — purchase orders, invoices, corporate card, expense reimbursements — for both domestic and international payments. Eliminate the need for cross-platform reporting and reconciliations to get a full, immediate view of spending.

Need to know where those gaps are?

Find and fix the gaps before you start your month-end close. Filter transactions by missing receipts, categories, or tags, to fill in the information you need for an efficient close.

Airbase design is based on the principles of continuous accounting, so that when it comes time to close the books, the undertaking is faster, easier, and more accurate.


Customize reports to fit your needs.

Build your own powerful custom reports. Easy export of data to add to your favorite FP&A models.

Automate low-value work to focus on high-value strategic finance.

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Current GL means real-time reporting.

Airbase’s easy syncing of all transactions to the GL means that it reflects up-to-the-minute spend, any day of the month.

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Consolidated corporate card and AP reporting.

With all non-payroll spend on one unified platform, reporting provides a 360-degree view of spending.

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Move toward a continuous close.

Airbase spend management is an important tool to move your company closer to the concept of a continuous, or rolling, close.

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Reporting for better decision-making.

Having a clear view of your company’s financial condition any day of the month supports responsive business planning and course corrections.

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“It’s one place everyone in the company can go to where data on money and spending is visible and accessible. I overhear conversations about spend all the time now. Airbase makes it easy for people to hold themselves accountable for their spending. It’s not just that people are more responsible with money, it’s that they’re more independent.”

Diana Ngo, Senior Director of Finance at YourMechanic