Advanced User Management

Keep employees operating & secure.

Create purchase orders in Airbase.

Automatically sync employee details into Airbase from your HRIS to keep the Airbase user database current and transactions secure. Select a single sign-on provider to make using the system convenient for your teams.

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Trusted by finance teams at all stages.

Connect Airbase to your HRIS.

Product Screenshot showing permissions of users within Airbase.

Connect Airbase to your HRIS and SSO systems via our easy integration, and employees are automatically provisioned onto the Airbase platform, and deprovisioned when they leave. And, changing roles or responsibilities are automatically reflected.

Airbase currently integrates with popular HRIS providers Okta and Rippling, with plans underway to add Gusto and BambooHR.

Product screenshot displaying the HRIS integration options within Airbase.

Sign-on security you know and trust.

Airbase lets you use Okta’s single sign-on with a simple integration. Or, give your employees the option to sign on with Google or Microsoft.

Easy, safe, secure employee spending.

Automatically update user profiles.

Graphic displaying how users flow directly from Okta and Rippling into Airbase.

Define user roles in Airbase to sync up with roles and titles in your HRIS or SSO system. Airbase will automatically adjust an employee’s spend management authorities and responsibilities to reflect any changes to their role in the company.

Automate user management for ease and accuracy.

Automated provisioning and de-provisioning.

Integrate Airbase with your HRIS or SSO so that employees are automatically added to, or deleted from, your spend management platform.

Options for
trusted SSO.

Rely on Google or Microsoft
sign-on, or choose Okta. Safe and easy transactions.

Automated user
role adjustment.

Detailed user profiles sync up from your HRIS and SSO to automatically capture changes.

Current, accurate database.

Keep teams moving with accurate user information to support your request and approvals for spend.

Grace D.
HR Manager (G2 Review)
“Airbase is amazing with a capital A! The upside of Airbase is how easy it is! I work with new hires and orienting them to system is so easy! I’ve worked with other expense management systems in the past and this one is by far the best for ease of use and optimization.”

Learn how to get visibility and control of your spend with advanced approval workflows.

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