Advanced Approvals

Build unique, multilayered approval rules.

Product screenshot displaying a multilayered approval workflow.

Rule-based approval automation can be configured to meet your company’s organizational structure. Ensure fast, streamlined compliance with your expense policies with Advanced Approvals.

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Trusted by finance teams at all stages.

Create custom approval workflows.

Product screenshot displaying approval workflows for different departments.

Our flexible solution allows you to easily create custom rules and automatically route approvals to one or more approvers, in any sequence, that reflects your policy. These rules can be adjusted and changed as the needs and structure of your company changes.

Set simple or complex rules tied to types of spend, departments, locations, requesters, and more.

Product screenshot displaying how you create advanced approval workflows with and or rules.
Product screenshot showing the different approval workflows in place for different teams.

Approval groups.

Create approval groups with multiple stakeholders. Define the number of approvers needed, ranging from one individual to all group members. Configure requests to be approved sequentially or concurrently.

Build in contingencies for automatic re-routing — to next in line if one approver is not available — to keep teams moving.

Tie approval flows to any one of several criteria.

Product screenshot showing the criteria you can set for approvals.

Create rules based on the employee’s department, GL categories of the expense, the type of tool or service the employee is requesting, and more. Identify specific individuals or departments in your company with expertise on certain types of spending, for example IT, to make sure that purchases are properly vetted.

Slack screenshot showing the approval policies set in Airbase flowing into Slack.

Conduct workflows through Slack, email, or the app itself.

Airbase approvals happen within normal business communication tools, so requesters and approvers can easily incorporate approval workflows into their busy daily routines. Whether it’s a simple approval, or asking for additional information about a request, communication is clear, easy, and fast.

Advanced approvals — compliance made simple.

Automated approval workflows.

Set approval thresholds to reflect your company’s policies, and capture requests and approvals. Give budget owners and other stakeholders the control they need.

audit trail.

Capture approval workflows automatically in an audit trail that is recorded directly to the transaction file. No more document chasing for audits.

Control with

Approval workflows apply to virtual card purchases and POs to give visibility and control over spend before it happens.

by design.

Eliminate the confusion about who is supposed to approve what type and amount of spend with a rule-based approach. Keep teams moving.

JD Higginbotham, Controller at Ridecell
“As finance people, we have to find a way to be far more efficient. As we scale, there’s more volume, there’s an increase in complexity, and there’s still no additional headcount in the department.”
JD Higginbotham
Controller at Ridecell

Learn how to get visibility and control over spend with advanced approvals.

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