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Via and Airbase: Making every aspect of spend more efficient.

Connor Jones

Connor Jones

Senior Corporate Accountant at Via

Receipt compliance, budget control, and savings on previously wasted spend — Via wrangles all of its spending into Airbase’s streamlined, efficient platform and Silicon Valley Bank’s flexible credit cards.

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Before Airbase

  • A week-long close
  • Wasted spend
  • Limited visibility into spend
  • Spend processes spread across multiple systems and solutions
  • Delays around receipt compliance and processing

With Airbase and SVB

  • A close requiring just one or two days of focused attention a month
  • Increased budget accuracy and visibility into spend
  • Improved spend control: card locks, better spend insights
  • Maintained SVB cards seamlessly
  • Spend ownership that provides a healthy, positive spend culture

Instant savings with Airbase.

Connor Jones, Senior Corporate Accountant, arrived at Via when individual point solutions in the financial tech stack were buckling. Seeking an all-in-one, comprehensive solution, Via implemented Airbase, and Connor has witnessed the benefits right from the outset.

Via took advantage of the onboarding process to do a deep clean of its software subscriptions. Immediately, they saved approximately 12.5% of previous subscription costs by choosing a consolidated system over multiple point solutions, including Divvy. 

Connor has seen the benefits of Airbase’s consolidated system around budget accuracy, receipt compliance, spend ownership, and multi-subsidiary support. Best of all, the company’s pre-existing SVB cards can be used on the Airbase system so Connor didn’t have to migrate everyone to new cards. 

Spend ownership and receipt compliance — enforced.

Via names healthier spend ownership and spend culture as two leading benefits that automatically flow from Airbase use. Observer and approver settings have enabled Via to increase transparency and accountability around spend, promoting a healthier spend culture.

“When everyone takes ownership of their own spend, it takes so much work out of accounting’s hands.”

Connor also credits this positive spend culture to follow-up features from Airbase, such as automated receipt compliance, required documentation attachments, and a clear-set reporting trail on all spend. Connor told us the ripple effect of this healthier culture is felt across the firm.

“Airbase has definitely helped to connect the finance team to each department. Things are more accurate, there is less zombie spend, and there are fewer cards out there in the ether.”

Budget accuracy and visibility into spend — improved.

Via actively uses the flexible, versatile virtual cards available on the platform. Spend limits and spend locks have improved spend control and budget compliance. These settings enable the finance team at Via to rein in spend — or expand it — in real time while staying aligned with marketing budgets and policy.

“It’s seamless in terms of budgeting because you can control those levers easily.”

Connor describes how helpful it is to be able to “lock cards and come back to the issue later” when a query arises that demands more in-depth spend review. Via has triggered this control previously as a security measure when there was uncertainty around a vendor contract. By locking the card, they couldn’t be billed for anything they weren’t supposed to.

Airbase and SVB — a partnership that works.

Via already had active corporate SVB cards attached to its bank account. Thanks to the partnership between SVB and Airbase, these cards didn’t need to be replaced. Connor says the integration between pre-existing SVB cards and the new Airbase system was a smooth transition.

“Bill payments and accounts payable through Airbase integrate perfectly with our Silicon Valley Bank cards. We just pay a bill through Airbase and it pulls out of the bank. It just all feels seamless.”

All this is supported by Airbase’s deep integration with NetSuite, so Via’s spend flows directly to the ERP. Ultimately, Connor never needs to leave the system.

Just the beginning…

Via is already managing multiple subsidiaries effortlessly in Airbase. Airbase auto-categorizes spend to the correct legal entity and keeps finance connected, creating effortless multi-entity spend management. With 135 international currencies supported, Via executes its international transactions without blinking.

“The fact that we can have a card set up for specific subsidiaries and that integrates seamlessly with NetSuite — it’s just amazing. We’ve really enjoyed the subsidiary function, and definitely the currency function as well.”

Connor shares that he always feels supported by Airbase and our customer support teams. Even when an issue arises, it’s no issue at all.

“I’ve been very impressed by how responsive your CS team has been. They’ve taught us some things. They’ve shown us ways to do things better.”

From SVB card integrations, to international spend activity across entities, and on-the-ground spend controls and increased visibility, Via calls on Airbase to help manage every corner of spend safely and efficiently.

Like to know how Airbase’s spend management platform works?

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