How Doximity increased control and visibility by moving from invoices to card payments

Learn how Doximity transformed a complex procurement process into a single system that manages $25-30M of accounts payable spend per year.


About this webinar

Being the finance person at a startup can be tough because while everyone is busy building the rocket ship it feels like you’re the one harping about conserving fuel. The best finance teams find ways to help the company accelerate growth while staying within budget and minimizing risk.

Procurement at scale

In this webinar, David Coffman, Controller at Doximity (Series C, $81M in total funding), and Thejo Kote, founder and CEO at Airbase, discuss how David’s finance team was able to increase control and visibility into spend, improve budget adherence, make purchasing easier for employees, and dramatically increase the efficiency of the finance team by streamlining the procurement process.

Join us to learn how Doximity evolved from a complex procurement process involving multiple systems to a single system that manages $25-30M of accounts payable spend per year with less work from the finance team.

What you'll get

How Doximity replaced corporate card spend with virtual cards
How to get PO-like control without moving spend to invoices
How expense pre-approvals improve budget adherence and make purchasing easier for employees
How to use accounting automation to achieve a faster month-end close

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About the speakers

David Coffman


David Coffman has over 20 years of finance experience and has served as the Controller at Doximity for the past two years. Prior to Doximity, David served in Controller and senior finance positions at Xamarin (acquired by Microsoft) and Castlight Health.

Thejo Kote

CEO and Founder

A seasoned entrepreneur, Thejo is the founder and CEO of Airbase, the cloud-based spend management platform for growing companies. Prior to Airbase, Thejo co-founded Automatic which was acquired by SiriusXM in 2017.



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