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Best practices for growth-stage startups: How to manage company spend and reduce burn.

November, 2019 | 49mins
Learn financial best practices for growth-stage startups with Entrepreneur and CEO Thejo Kote

About this webinar.

Best practices for growth-stage startups: How to manage company spend and reduce burn.

Entrepreneurs scaling startups face a myriad of challenges in order to be successful and one of the most impactful is spend management. When entrepreneur Thejo Kote co-founded Automatic Labs (sold to SiriusXM in 2017) he saw first-hand how difficult it was to account for spending inside the company. 

Finance teams usually have several systems to track spending like approval requests, a corporate card program, and expense reports. Additionally, when dealing with vendors, finance will often have a system to process invoices and another platform for reconciliation. 

Getting an accurate and real-time picture of company spend is incredibly time-consuming and often inaccurate when finance teams have to pull information out of disparate systems. Companies will frequently have errors and inadequate controls leading to overspending and burn rate acceleration. 

Join us on Nov 19th as Thejo walks through the first all-in-one platform that brings every step involved in spending and tracking money into one system. 

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Learning objectives.

Manage all of your payments - physical cards, virtual cards, ACH, check - in one place.
Better manage company spend and reduce your burn rate.
Replace ad-hoc purchase requests on Slack and e-mail with a simple pre-approval workflow. Use virtual cards to pay for online subscriptions - pay one vendor with one card and set spend limits.
Get a detailed audit trail for every transaction the moment a dollar is spent and automate the bulk of your accounting and close your books faster.


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About the speakers.

About the speaker.

Thejo Kote

CEO and Founder

A seasoned entrepreneur, Thejo is the Founder and CEO of Airbase, the cloud-based spend management platform for growing companies. Prior to Airbase, Thejo co-founded Automatic which was acquired by SiriusXM in 2017.




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